5 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

The WordPress page builder plugin is a solution for those of you who want to build a website without requiring technical expertise such as mastering CSS and HTML code.

This plugin allows you to create, edit and customize website layouts without coding.

You only need to draw certain elements such as rows, columns, button images or writing in the position you want.

In this article we will discuss some WordPress page builder plugins that you can use easily.

Here are the 5 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins for Your Website

1. Beaver Builder

WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder allows you to make an attractive website display by simply dragging and dropping, so it doesn’t require coding understanding.

There are quite a lot of content modules, so you have many choices to add certain features to the website.


  • Content modules: HTML, Photos, Text Editor, Audio, Video and Sidebar;
  • Full Width, column based layout;
  • Mobile friendly, responsive layout;
  • Can add classes and CSS IDs;
  • Works on pages and posts.

2. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin Page Builder is one of the plugins to set the page layout of the most used WordPress website. You can easily create a content column with a responsive design. Your content layout will automatically adjust the screen size of the device that the customer is using to access.

In addition to responsive display, you can also learn this plugin easily so that the process of creating your website does not require a long time.

You can also change WordPress templates without losing the content you have created.

This plugin comes with a simple drag and drop display and you don’t need to be in touch with coding at all.


  • Compatible with all templates;
  • Does not require coding;
  • Real-time editing;
  • History browser;
  • Line style and widget.

3. Elementor Page Builder 

Elementor Page Builder

Compared to the two plugins that we discussed earlier, Elementor is one of the WordPress page builder plugins that has more complete features. You can edit the page and find out the end result directly.

In terms of speed, when compared to other page builders, Elementors have better speeds. The effect, you will need less time when arranging the website layout.

You can make a revision in the form of undo or redo by pressing the CTRL + Z button. You can also see the changes you have made using the list of available actions.

There is also a maintenance mode feature that will be useful when you want to display the under construction page for visitors during website development.


  • Real-time editing;
  • Unique features (box shadows, background overlays, hover effects, headline effects, animations and much more);
  • Library template;
  • Undo / redo and revision history;
  • Blank template for landing page;
  • Maintenance mode and under construction;
  • 28 free widgets.

4. Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich – Front-End Page Builder

You can easily use the Page Builder Sandwich.. This plugin is compatible with almost all types of WordPress templates, so you don’t need to worry about experiencing incompatible template problems.

Like other page builders, you can simply drag and drop, add borders, effects, and designs on the website to your liking in real-time, such as when you use Microsoft Word or Google Docs.


  • Real-time editing;
  • Editing through fronend and backend;
  • Full page;
  • Global shortcode mapping;
  • Compatible with all templates and plugins;
  • 3 editing modes (desktop, tablet and mobile).

5. Pootle Pagebuilder

Pootle Pagebuilder

Pootle Pagebuilder is the next WordPress page builder plugin that you can use to create web pages in just a few minutes. You only need to set the layout through the front-end by dragging and dropping the module to the specific position you want.

This plugin is compatible with various other WordPress templates, such as Ninja Forms. The display problem, the page layout that you create will run well on desktop and mobile devices.


  • Compatible with all templates and plugins;
  • Mobile-friendly;
  • Functioning through the front-end and back-end;
  • Parallax and video background.

The page builder plugin is a solution for those of you who don’t find the template with the layout you want. In this article we have discussed plugins that you can use to create layouts without requiring coding skills. Next it’s your turn to try it yourself!

If you have other references about the plugin for page builder on the WordPress website, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comments column. 

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