5 free games that occupy less than 15 MB

One of the big differences between Android and iOS is that in the Google OS we can find a wide variety of devices, prices and styles. Consequently, some have real range caps while others settle for little .

This article is basically intended for the latter , that is, for those who have a mid-low-end terminal with little storage but do not want to stop enjoying all the games offered by the Play Store.

5 simple, free and lightweight games for Android

In effect, below you have 5 of the best games for any Android mobile available in the Play Store and that occupy less than 15 MB of storage, a figure that we can afford no matter how bad our device is.

Stick hero

Stick Hero has been in the Google store for a few years but it has not stopped being one of the simplest and simplest games of all . In it, you are a ninja who must create bridges between two pillars without falling short or passing you. With only 12.78 MB it is capable of vitiating anyone who tries it.

Google Play | Stick Hero (Free)

Table Tennis 3D

This second game is one of the best ping-pong games below 15 MB, and surely one of the best 3D games too. Its theme is simple: move the ping-pong paddle with your finger and try to return the ball to the opponent .

It consists of 3 game modes, League, Tournament and Arcade, physical as real as possible, ranking of players, more than 10 different countries, 4.2 stars on Google Play and is completely free .

Google Play | Table Tennis 3D (Free)

3D SpeedX

Continuing with 3D games we have SpeedX, which makes use of the gyroscope of our mobile to slide through a kind of tube avoiding its obstacles . The progressive speed along with the music of the game make it a game of skill rather than entertaining.

Google Play | SpeedX 3D (Free)

Light house

Light House already spoke at the time as one of the most entertaining minimalist style games of the moment, but we forget to note that it is also part of the games club below 15 MB .

In it, our goal is to get the electricity from our generator to the lighthouses around us , either with the help of mirrors, switches, antennas … A free, light, entertaining, simple game that will make you think of each of Your levels

Google Play | Light House (Free)

Yoo Ninja!

Yoo Ninja is the game of a lifetime that plays with the gravity of our character to move forward in more than 34 different levels , as long as the shuriken of our back does not reach us. Addictive, with story mode, entertaining, free and ideal to hang out with our mid-range mobile.

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