5 Hot Marketing Tricks: Ways To Make Visitors Read And Share

In the world of blogging, how you present yourself is going to make a difference in how you stand out from the crowded blogging landscape. While it may seem impossible now to pick a blog topic that hasn’t already been done, you shouldn’t necessarily worry about your topic when marketing yourself. It’s the details that matter and how they add up to your complete brand identity.

And while personal writing style can add a unique tapestry to your blog, these five marketing tricks will help you gain more readers.

1. Creating Good Headlines

A headline to a blog is the first thing people are going to see, especially when placing it as a link on social media. The title alone will entice someone to read more or not if you have no other description. Sometimes you can add a subtitle that elaborates a little more (in one short sentence).

No matter if you think you’re terrible at writing good titles, you have to practice. It’s your first major hurdle in bringing new people in to read your blog posts.

2. Using Images with Captions

According to Sproutworth.com, using images in general on blogs is going to up readability immediately. Placing captions under images usually get read much more than even the body of the article. Regardless, it’s a good idea to place captions under your images so you can provide scanning readers a basic idea of what your blog subject is. If you make the caption work like a teaser, they’ll likely go and read the blog from the beginning.

The teaser caption under the image can work in tandem with your headline. That’s why placing an image with a caption somewhere near the top of the blog is a good idea.

3. Telling a Good Story

Blogs don’t have to be entries that work like stream-of-consciousness diaries. While some blogs are like that, a truly professional one for your business needs to have a sense of story structure. Telling about something with a true beginning, middle, and end usually involves a problem that needs to be solved and how you went about solving it. If you look at most blogs, that’s usually the basic structure for all of them, particularly on business blogs.

4. Using Authoritative Quotes and Sources

If you’re not just writing personal stories or opinions and have an industry-specific blog, you’re going to have to sound authoritative. Even if you’re not the most authoritative person on the subject, provide quotes and reputable sources in your blog to show authority. You can still bring your own voice to a subject while citing information from others.

This is where personal writing style and using information from other people can still give you originality.

5. Creating Emotion as a Motivator to Share Your Content

Emotion in any kind of writing is going to go over well, particularly in a subject everybody can relate to. For instance, blogs about obesity or unemployment will likely have many people reading your own personal stance or experiences with these subjects. When you provide a powerful emotion behind what you say, it’s going to motivate people to share it with others as a form of emotional online bonding.

If you’re looking for secret tools that get your blog better known, emotion will do it–albeit also some comedy occasionally so you’re not one note.

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