5 Tips for Choosing the Best IT Providers for Your Business

Do you have or ever had problems with your IT vendors ? This is a common challenge for many companies and can be detrimental to their results , as well as generating stress for dealing with daily dilemmas that result from a bad relationship.

Your problems are over! Well, not all, but at least in relation to IT providers, as we have put together a series of 5 phenomenal tips to improve the choice of your partners and avoid headaches. Continue with us and take note!

IT Suppliers

Most companies do not have as their main focus the technology . They are industries, trades, organizations from the most diverse areas that use  IT  only as a means to achieve a particular purpose – to improve their results .

As a result, it is only natural that they do not make major internal investments in technology, such as the creation of large infrastructures and teams composed of highly specialized professionals in several areas of IT .

The most common is to find technology companies that have ready-made solutions or that  develop them  to support their operations, providing the tools and technological resources that optimize their demands.

However, the company that chooses to seek a supplier in the market ends up stumbling on the difficulty of finding good partnerships. Therefore, the manager must be aware to avoid unpleasant situations, such as inadequate solutions , faulty support and other events that may occur.

Importance of IT Outsourcing

Making large internal IT investments to acquire and deploy  modern infrastructures and the contraction of specialized professionals can have a high cost that makes it impossible to obtain the best technologies.

With this, we can observe the importance of seeking partnerships to gain access to the best professionals and technologies in the market, without the need to have many financial resources to do so.

The  outsourcing  allows the company to fully focus on the business end and keep investments minor in the IT field, achieving better results and market competitiveness.

5 tips for choosing the best suppliers

Choosing from so many options in the market is a great challenge, since all suppliers say they have the best solutions . To help you find the right supplier for your demand, we’ve separated some tips . Follow us!

1. Understand your demand

Before even looking for a partner company in the market, you need to know exactly what service you are looking for. There are several solutions to all kinds of problems and needs and some may not fit as well as others, depending on your demand .

Perform a thorough survey of all your needs and understand what is needed to heal them. With such information in hand, it is much simpler to seek a more appropriate solution in the market.

2. Check vendor certifications

Certifications are evidence of suppliers’ knowledge of certain technologies or as possessors of certain skills. Such certifications are obtained through audits, in the case of companies , and tests, for professionals , performed by reputable entities.

Not all technical skills need to be certified, but certifications are proof that the supplier meets the technical requirements necessary to meet the demands of your company .

3. Review other companies served by the supplier

One of the ways to assess which are the best suppliers in the market is to seek referrals in companies that have already established partnerships with the particular provider.

Hear from those who have hired the services of a supplier can give a general idea of what to expect from a partnership and ensures that your company does not end up hiring a provider that does not fit your need.

4. Keep an eye on the support provided

One of the items – perhaps the main one – to be observed when it comes to partnering with any vendor is the support offered. The importance of this item comes from the fact that if your company has any kind of impediment, the supplier will seek to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

At the time of closing the partnership, it is necessary to observe, in the contract, items such as the maximum response time for requests, the deadline for solving problems and other issues related to support.

5. Know the capacity of implementation

However successful the solutions offered by the provider, the success of a given tool and the achievement of satisfactory results depend on an   adequate implementation .

It is necessary to analyze the vendor’s implementation capacity so that the continuity of the business is not affected and the transition occurs in a simple and quiet manner, without negative impacts on the company’s services.

Supplier diversification

One of the main doubts on the part of the managers when it comes to seeking an IT provider is the possibility to hire only one provider or to establish partnership with several companies .

The best option is to seek a specialist supplier for each of your company’s demands. This ensures the best service for all needs and lower  costs  for hiring.

Opting for several suppliers can bring greater complexity in the management of relationships, however, gains with the specialty of each one in their area of ​​performance guarantee  better results .

Good relationship

After making the choice of your IT suppliers , you have to face one more challenge: creating and  maintaining a good relationship so you can access all the benefits of a partnership.

To do this, one must overcome the barrier between  client and provider and establish a real partnership with similar goals and objectives and the mutual commitment to seek to fulfill them.

To do so, each party – both its company and the supplier – is expected to be aware of its responsibilities. In the case of the client , the main ones are:

  • maintain feedback’s that assist in the evolution of provider services ;
  • rely on supplier expertise;
  • undertake long- term planning of all your needs;
  • treat the provider as part of the team .

On the part of the supplier, the following attitudes are expected:

  • provide advice on mapping needs;
  • perform an agile service to the demands;
  • clarify all doubts;
  • maintain high levels of availability;
  • use the latest technology .

We hope that by the time you read this post you may have understood the importance of finding good IT vendors and what are the key things that should be evaluated to hire the best providers in the market.

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