7 Ways To Use Your Blog To Get Your Dream Job

Blogging can be a great way to showcase your knowledge about something, learn new tricks or hobbies, or even just have a little bit of fun.
Not only can it be something that you just do in your spare time, but blogging can be a useful tool to get you moving toward your dream job. It showcases numerous skills while incorporating your interests. Employers can view it almost as a résumé in motion.
Your blog could help you land your dream job in no time. That is, if you simply follow these 7 tips when it comes to your blog and how you leverage it toward your dream career.

#1. Track Your Traffic with Google Analytics and Spotlight Your Blogs Growth in Job Interviews

Interviews can be nerve-racking. You want to be as prepared as possible when going into any interview. Knowing your responses to basic questions will be vital, but you also need to make yourself stand apart from everyone else.
You can easily accomplish this by tracking your own blog through Google Analytics. This will allow you to showcase your blog’s growth since its inception. It also will allow you to map traffic coming into, and leaving your blog.
By simply tracking your readers, you can show interviewers that your blog is not only something that you deem serious but are now able to show off your analytical skills. Abilities like this are extremely valuable in today’s market.

#2. Engage in Meaningful Relationships With Other Bloggers and Spotlight Your People Skills

Networking is essential when it comes to landing your dream job. So you should be doing it online, as well. You are probably not the only person in the world writing about a specific topic, so make a point of meeting others with the same interests.
This will not only spotlight your people skills, but it will help you build your professional network. You never know who someone else is in contact with. These new found relationships just might get your foot in the door and a positive recommendation.

#3. Use Your Awesome Niche Content to Show Off Your Industry Knowledge

Most blogs focus on niche topics that the writer is interested in. So, it is pretty safe to assume that your blog topic is in, or related to the industry, of your dream job. Use this to your advantage!
Do research on topics in your favored industry. Show off your knowledge about them right in your posts. This could be anything from talking about up-and-coming companies to new tools that would positively impact the industry.
For instance, say your dream job is in the food industry and your blog is all about cooking. Use your space to show off your culinary skills, your homemade recipes, or to showcase the new ceramic cookware that you think chefs will love. Let other foodies know the usefulness of a non-stick sauce pan in revamping an old recipe.
The passion and knowledge you bring to your blog will demonstrate to possible future employers your up-to-date knowledge in this specific field.

#4. Showcase Your Strong Writing Skills

It doesn’t matter what your ultimate dream job is, strong writing skills are essential. You need to be able to effectively communicate with numerous types of individuals. Thinking about this when blogging will be a great way to actually show what you are made of.
Expand your vocabulary by learning a new word of the day, for instance. This will not only strengthen your mind but will also improve your writing skills when you utilize these new words in your posts.
In addition to building your vocabulary, editing your blog is 100% necessary if you want it to help you land your dream job.
There should be absolutely no spelling or grammatical mistakes when you are trying to prove to a potential employer that you are an excellent writer.

#5. Incorporate Relevant Current Events Into Your Posts

No matter what you blog about, there is going to be news and happenings somehow related to it. Not only will writing about a current event in your posts provide great opportunities for link backs and keep you up to date on news, it will also show employers that you care about the world.
Proving to potential employers that you are interested in world news and relevant events show that you care about something. More importantly, it shows you care about something more than just your own personal interests. Companies want employees who are knowledgeable about things that are actually happening around them and that can potentially impact an industry.

#6. Always Be Professional, But Don’t Lose Your True Voice!

Let’s say that you blog about make-up or fashion. This means that you can just use any kind of jargon that you want, right? Well, if you want to use your blog as a stepping stone to your dream job, then you might want to be mindful of how you come across.
The bottom line: always be professional! You don’t have to sound like a robotic being, but you also shouldn’t be slinging curse words around like you’re some kind of mob boss. Find a balance and be yourself. You won’t get your dream job by pretending to be someone you aren’t. But you won’t get it by being unprofessional, either.

#7. Make Your Blog Into Your Dream Job

Maybe your blog isn’t a stepping stone for you. Maybe the blog itself is your dream job. Being able to make money blogging is not an easy feat, but it is possible if you want it bad enough.
You should still employ the above tips when blogging as a dream job. Just because you won’t use your platform as a tool in interviews doesn’t mean that strong writing, increasing traffic and becoming knowledgeable on current events won’t get you somewhere.
These could all be points that potential advertisers and sponsors look at when deciding to associate themselves with your blog. When they do, this is where your income will generate from. Plus, even in the online world, it is all about who you know. If you build the right relationships, you could be making even more money than you might have thought possible.

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