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Friendship between Aries woman and Gemini man

Aries Compatibility : The Gemini man isn’t that much in the job. He’s an intellectual, a thinker. This is why the Aries woman completes it well. If they are business partners, this relationship can be excellent.

The Aries woman and the Gemini man are very talkative and have similar interests and hobbies. It’s not weird that as friends they spend the night talking. If they participate in a debate, the Aries woman will always force it to be said that she is right. Looking at the two in a debate, they can be very interesting. They are on the same level, but it is the stubbornness of the Aries woman that will win here.

When an Aries woman and a Gemini man meet, these two beings with complementary characters have a chance to build a lasting and viable relationship . This complementarity is not exempt from turning into divergence, however. It will not bring any balance in the couple because it is constantly under the control of the different characters of the partners. The tenderness shared within their union will not be able to prevent the occurrence of possible serious scenes.

The love between a Gemini man and a Aries woman

The Gemini man keeps an immature side which is sometimes his charm, but his partner Aries will blame him because he cannot openly manifest his passion. He always puts a certain distance between himself and his feelings, because it is often his head that will speak instead of the heart. This attitude which marks a certain detachment irritates the native, especially as the Gemini man is a little too attached to his freedom, to engage in a relationship too serious scares him.

For him, the bonds of marriage would hinder his freedom, so he prefers to keep a distance to preserve his independence. Only his partner does not hear it that way. The Aries woman will then experience a sense of frustration and become jealous. She is very afraid that her companion Gemini will let her down since the latter displays a somewhat distant behavior. To encourage him to take more interest in their relationship , she will make sure to arouse his jealousy, but seems rather drawn to anything that is new. He likes change and tries to satisfy his curiosity and this attitude will end up infuriating the other.

To have their chance, the Gemini man and the Aries woman will have a lot to give: that the native take the initiative to grant more freedom to her companion and this, in different areas, in this case at the level of distraction so that he can choose and freely practice what he wants.

It is the same in terms of work, he must not feel too much pressure of any kind. It is good to know that he is very skillful and will handle even the most difficult situations wonderfully. The key to succeeding in such a union? Count a lot on the friendly side of the relationship and not be confined to the sensual. This is the price to pay for living in harmony.

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