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Friendship between Aries man and Leo woman

Aries Compatibility : A friendship between the Leo and the Aries is inevitable . These two energies understand each other quite simply. They are not the passive type and will go here and there together. Having a lot of mutual activities will strengthen the team spirit of their friendship, with the possibility for them to fall in love with each other.

The Leo man and the Aries woman will be business competitors but will be great friends in private. Sometimes these competitions can be very sweet for people watching them from afar.

If they get to the situation where they don’t speak, it will be a situation where they need an intermediary. They are very proud and none of them will want to give it up, even if they are burning with the desire to talk to each other.

The love between a Leo man and an Aries woman

The Aries woman and the Leo man both belong to the same Fire sign. Their meeting will generate an ideal understanding because they have a lot of common points on which they agree perfectly.

The woman will fall under the spell of her partner, seduced by his confidence, his courage and his generosity. For his part, the native is disarmed in front of the realism, the honesty and the innocent air of the woman. He who is so proud and proud, will feel the desire to protect this tender creature. A beautiful bond will settle in their union and they will live their life in total communion. They can share many feelings: the love of luxury and worldliness, daring in difficult situations and risks do not frighten them.

But despite these similarities, a few issues can arise over time. The Leo man, by his tendency to want to dominate his entourage, risks clashing with the independent personality of the Aries woman. The latter will not agree at all to submit to the enslavement of her companion despite the love she has for him. It will therefore be necessary for the man to know how to moderate his behavior if he wants their couple to live in harmony.

If the Leo is too conceited and too egocentric, his companion will gradually move away from him and their union may come apart. As they are also very passionate and love pleasures, their love will have a fiery start. If they allow themselves to be dominated by their all-consuming passion, the Leo man and the Aries woman risk seeing their love consumed too soon. They will not even have time to enjoy their understanding – whether physical or sentimental – and they will already face the end of their story. The hope of building a lasting and livable union will no longer exist. To avoid such a situation, they will therefore have to learn to control their momentum.

However, by virtue of his generosity, the Leo is able to give his partner the security of a home free from material worries. His stable character will make him a good companion on whom she can count. This prospect is very suitable for women because they tend to tire of living together quite quickly. The success of their relationship therefore depends on their common will to behave in a moderate way.

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