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Friendship between Libra man and Aries woman

Aries compatibility : The Aries woman is infinitely ambitious. She walks safely towards her goals, and one of them is to be a leader. The Libra man, on the other hand, has no such claims. These aspects of their personality will be imprinted in the friendship between an Aries woman and a Libra man. Aries will take care of everything. She initiates their meetings or lunches, but always chooses the places according to her tastes.

The Libra man brings a certain balance to the chaotic life of the Aries woman. Usually she is not aware of the turmoil in her life and that she sometimes needs to slow down. The Libra man will point this out, causing the Aries woman to stop for a second and force her to take stock. She appreciates this gesture from her friend.

The love between a Libra man and an Aries woman

While the Aries woman and the Libra man have a few complementary character traits, living together is not really their strong suit. Like Fire and Air, their dominant elements, they find it difficult to agree in their conception of life.

The Libra man is not a decision-maker: for these things, he is not the man for the job. On the other hand, the Aries woman is so impulsive that sometimes she happens to act first and only think about the consequences afterwards. They will therefore criticize each other and disputes will inevitably arise.

The Libra man and the Aries woman are opposed very often, just as they know and guess each other. They cannot hide what they are feeling because one will be able to read the other as in an open book. It is kind of a game for them to be able to know what someone is trying to hide. But as soon as they tire of the playful side of this “guess me”, their relationship is likely to take a serious hit.

The rather proud demeanor of the Libra man towards those around him and the lack of consideration he has for his own wife only ignites the powder. Since Libra does not consider the woman as a free person who has the same rights as him, he will come up against his partner violently. First because she is fiercely committed to her freedom, then because she is capable of making hurtful remarks towards her companion and finally because she has a stubborn grudge. Their couple will spend more bad quarters of an hour than of reason.

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To avoid such extremes, the Libra man and the Aries woman will have to make efforts on their own. The woman should try to find out what will please her partner and give him what he needs. This one is a very sensual being and the native must take this into account to keep harmony in their union. Likewise, the Libra subject should not ignore that his companion does not live well without her freedom, so he will have to let her act by letting go a little. If both partners respect these aspirations, they will come to an understanding that will allow their couple to withstand the test of time.

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