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Friendship between Aries woman and Aries man

Aries compatibility: When an Aries woman and an Aries man become friends, it results in a very dynamic relationship. The competitive nature inherent in Aries makes the relationship spontaneous and stimulating. When they look at their partner, they see a reflection of themselves. This does not mean that they cannot understand their companion’s need for independence. On the contrary, they respect the freedom of their partner all the more because they themselves feel the same thing. However, the free-spirited nature of Aries can often lead to conflicts, and cause them to become possessive, or even accuse each other, without one deigning to give in an inch. It is therefore important that they restrain their fiery nature, at least against each other, and work in harmony.

A friendly union between an Aries woman and an Aries man is the meeting of two strong and unwavering spirits. Aries is gifted with a profusion of positive energy and enthusiasm for just about everything. Aries love to try new things with their partner. But their strong egos can often clash. They both want things their own way! It could often make them act selfishly and prevent them from solving problems together. However, Aries has a natural bounty of character that could tone down their fiery character. They can take turns having fun and learn to cooperate. All they have to do is watch their temper and watch out for their temper tantrums and hasty arguments. Aries are always open and honest in their feelings and opinions. So their friends don’t have to worry about the betrayal or hypocrisy of Aries.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. Two people influenced by Mars are like two warriors, armed and ready for war. They can either fight on the same team or against each other. Mars also represents passion and liveliness. Therefore, two Aries usually have a lively and exciting time together. They are all relentless in nature and love to take on challenges. So it’s only natural for the Aries man and Aries woman to argue a lot. Aries is a fire sign, and like all other fire signs, Aries has an unbridled source of energy. So they don’t have to worry about their partner getting tired or dragging them behind while they want to continue.

Their disagreements arise often, but do not last long. They rarely hold a grudge against each other. They prefer to move on to the next challenge. Likewise, sometimes there can be a battle for dominance, which means that they may have to compromise. The important thing for both Aries is to control their pride. As long as they do, all is well with them.

Aries is also a cardinal sign. Aries people are gifted with a sense of initiative, and rarely waste their time analyzing or negotiating before launching into something with all their energy. When they know what they want, they don’t hesitate for a moment!

The spontaneous and lively nature is the most interesting aspect of a relationship between two Aries. There is little chance that they will ever be bored. Their combined abundant energy, as well as their skills in settling disputes, make their friendship a compelling story.

Love between an Aries man and Aries woman

Put together an Aries woman and an Aries man and it will be 100% clashes and violence. Usually, when the two partners are not different signs, their understanding will be perfect because they have a lot in common. These similarities should make their communication easier. But Aries are quite exceptional signs in the zodiac to obey down to earth laws. Indeed, the Aries man is of remarkable dynamism and enthusiasm. He is so active that he tends to live at a speed that would stun more than one. Despite the endurance that the woman also demonstrates, this rhythm of life imposed by the male will end up affecting his own liveliness.

The man is also a formidable dominator coupled with a fiery seducer. He can’t help but look at the pretty ladies around him and loyalty is not part of his goal. For her part, the native of the sign is also very sensual and her ardor in love adds a point. She demands that her partner respect his freedom in the area of ​​sex. The proud Aries will not stand such an attitude and this is where the shoe pinches. For the Aries subject, love is a perpetual battle where it must always be the strongest. But women have better things to do than submit to their laws and will also want to make their bells heard. By her nature, she is also an energetic fighter.

Their union thus seems most eventful because two fierce wills meet: outbursts and effervescence in perspective. When the man tries to dictate his will to his companion, she will revolt because the obligation and her, that makes two. The Aries man and the Aries woman are sure to collide because each holds a great deal of their freedom and wants to preserve it.

However, getting along and guaranteeing their relationship serenity and tranquility is not such an impossible mission for these two exceptional people. The native, under his authoritarian and egocentric appearance, is a person overflowing with tenderness and affection. For her part, women have a lot of love to share, she also has dynamism and willpower. These characters can bring them together certainly, but rarely doing things like the others, the natives could also use them to fan the fire of vehement words. The strength of their passion sets them against each other.

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