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Best AFK Arena faction

Best AFK Arena faction of 2019

This is the best AFK Arena faction of 2019

With so many classes, characters and factions to choose from, it is likely that you are a little lost or that you are wondering which are the best. Today what we are going to try to reveal is which is the best faction of AFK Arena in 2019, the one that we think is the best of the game. Of course, we will give our reasons and you yourselves will have the comments open so that you can discuss it with us.

The best faction of AFK Arena

Everything will depend on your way of playing and your personal tastes, obviously and as it usually happens with all titles of this style, but for us the best faction of AFK Arena is Graveborn. The heroes that are part of this faction work incredibly well together, with some of them counting on self-healing skills, tremendously useful.

Shemira, to give an example that we love, is able to do a lot of damage and get rid of enemies to avoid falling into combat. For us, in fact, he could be considered the best hero of the whole game for multiple reasons. Vedan is also one of the great heroes of the game, belonging to this faction and capable of soloing a whole team.

But there are also other characters like Isabella or Grezhul that work incredibly well, and so we could be a good time to highlight the graveborn as the best faction of AFK Arena in 2019, at least until they make some changes in future updates that may vary a little the metagame.

AFK Arena faction: Shemira, Intelligence, Graveborn, Solo Carry, Mage, Ascended. B, Numisu, Intelligence, Maulers, Support (Heal, Buffer), Mage, Mythic+. B

Although we have highlighted some heroes of this faction, remember that we have also chosen separately the best heroes of the whole game, so take a look to have all the information. Your own way of playing and your personal tastes will make you can raise a good team your way.

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