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Grim Dawn Best Class – How to choose the best class

Improve and make your character the one that suits you best with this selection of the best Grim Dawn class

If you want to have a good build in the game you must choose well. It should be noted that in this guide to have the best class of Grim Dawn we will only help you find the character that best suits your style of play, since everything is balanced so that none is the best and indisputable.

That’s why we will review which is the best Grim Dawn class for each type of player and so you can choose accordingly. For example if you like archers bet on the Demolitionist. Now let’s review what highlights each of the classes.

Grim Dawn's best class

Best class of Grim Dawn – How many are there

There are a total of 8 classes in the game: Soldier, Nightblade, Demolitionist, Ocultist, Arcanist, Shaman, Inquisitor and Necromancer. Each one stands out in a type of approach, and although there are some that are mixed you will also find the typical DPS, the tanks, the magicians with AOE attacks and others. Keep reading to learn the best Grim Dawn class for your style of play.

Best class of Grim Dawn - How to choose the best build - P2

The soldier is the best kind of Grim Dawn if you’re looking for builds focused on melee attacks. His best attack is Forcewave and the other is Blade Arc, and it’s a good build for non-expert players. The Demolitionist goes well to attack from a distance with Explosive Strike and Blackwater Cocktail.

Going to Arcanist, his best skill is Olexra’s Flash Freeze and do not consider the best kind of Grim Dawn for newbies. With the Shaman’s the same, despite having Devouring Swarm, one of the best skills of the game, is a character builds two hands to be able to use.

Best class of Grim Dawn – The Necromancer

If you ask other players what the best Grim Dawn class is, they will most likely respond to the Necromancer, and that is really an easy to handle build and tremendously useful when doing damage. His Bone Harvest and Ravenous Earth skills make him a tremendous character.

Best class of Grim Dawn - How to choose the best build - P3

If what you like is to hurt the bosses, we recommend that you choose an Inquisitor because thanks to his ability Rune of Hagarrad is the best class of Grim Dawn to do massive damage to great enemies. Think that not only is it enough to choose the class, you have to know how to make a good build.

We recommend that you take a look at the official forums of the game because new builds are coming out for each class that will help you know how to grow your character well and make it stronger. Even so, if you choose classes like the Necromancer or the Soldier it’s easy to upload them well.

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