Best Paragon Heroes – Choose the best character

Best Paragon Heroes - Choose the best character

Are you thinking of getting competitive in Paragon? We present you the best heroes of Paragon!

Paragon is the new online multiplayer of Epic Games fashion. In this guide we teach you to choose the best Paragon heroes, whether you are going to play in casual or competitive games. Currently it is only open in Open Beta, available on both PC and PS4. Those who want to try it on PC must register on the official website and those on PS4 have the possibility to download it directly from the PlayStation Store.

As you know, Paragon is a game in which two teams of five heroes compete against each other using action, skills and strategy. When using Dota 2 or League of Legends, the goal of each team is to reach the base of the opponent and destroy its core. Paragon can be played between PS4 and PC platforms and you can link the PS and Epic Games accounts to change support automatically.

We present you the best heroes of Paragon considering several factors

In this guide of the best heroes of Paragon you will find the updated information of the characters with the highest stats so that it serves as a reference for you whether you are going to play casual or competitive games. We also take into account the health of the champions and their ease of control.

If you see any champion that you think should be on this list, do not hesitate to let us know in one of the comments. In any case, remember that the player’s ability is usually a priority factor rather than looking for the champion that best suits you. Check out our recommendations, our guides and opinions and leave us in a comment saying what you think about our guide to the best heroes of Paragon.

Best Paragon heroes – roles in Paragon

Paragon, like most of the MOBA you will find online, has a series of roles that you have to understand before choosing which are the best Paragon heroes for you. Each character adapts to one or two of the roles, so watch our guide in the next few pages.

  • Offlane (OFF): In this role we predominantly frame fighters or magicians with a high ability to clean lanes and pressure the enemy. Their primary role is to gain resistance and damage to push the enemy back.
  • Mid Lane (MID): mainly occupied by magicians with great capacity to clean lanes. Its main objective is to clean the area as quickly as possible and support the board is necessary. In addition, you should alert your team if the opposite mid lane leaves the area.
  • ADC (Duo): Usually occupied by fighting characters. They are usually accompanied by a Support and end up becoming terribly dangerous at the end of each game.
  • Support: They are usually the magicians of illusions and spells whose function is to keep the ADC safe along its lane. The ADC usually becomes more and more powerful as the game progresses so Support has to keep it alive as long as possible.
  • Jungle: They are usually killers or tanks. The function of the jungles is to support the mid lane but also eliminate the creatures of the jungle so that your team gets the extras that this implies and that will give them a differential advantage over the opposing team.

Best Paragon heroes – top of the 3 who ban in competitive.

These are the best heroes of Paragon with a big difference, but this also gives them a huge disadvantage: in competitive games they are usually the first ones to block. In this list are:

  • Dekker (support): Dekker is without a doubt the best support magician of all Paragon. It has an ability to slow enemies and another to stune them. His damage is quite average for the other characters, he is able to quickly escape from a compromised situation and his ulti is simply brutal. A player who knows how to handle it perfectly will undoubtedly be unstoppable in all games.
  • Howitzer (mid / support): Howitzer is the second wizard on our list. Thanks to its high damage at the beginning of the game, it serves perfectly to be in the midline and push forward. In addition, it has an interesting combination of AOE attacks, grenades and mines. His ulti shoots at a speed that is scary and is a great support for any ADC.
  • Yin (ADC): Yin is the best ADC in all of Paragon. It has a very high damage, its mobility and the usefulness of its attacks make it really scary. It is especially interesting when a Dekker / Howitzer + Yin is paired.

Best Paragon heroes – the essentials of each team

This list includes other heroes that have a balance of damage, magic, health and abilities above normal and that should be part of your team. However, they do not always block them in the competitive lists, which makes them great allies to keep in mind.

  • Greystone (Offlane): At first it seems that Greystone may be somewhat passive, but believe us when we say it is really strong. It is more than capable of dealing with the opposite offlane thanks to its damage and its ability to clean areas. Its ultimate generates a very high level slowdown. You can enter under tower, shatter your opponent and get out of there and you will remain completely alive.
  • LT. Belica (Mid): Belica is the magician that you should not lose sight of. It has a wave that cleans areas efficiently and works very well in team fights thanks to Void Bone and Drone. His Utimate is capable of executing any rival that has little life. And when he gets his buffs he is simply unstoppable.
  • Morigesh (Offlane): Morigesh is another very useful wizard. Especially strong in the early game and with ultimate capable of ending any enemy of low health. In addition, his Hive is really strong and will destroy the mood of the competitors.
  • Narbash (Support): if we talk about supports that are not usually blocked, we cannot put aside Narbash: his speed combined with his ability to stun the enemy, his ultimate and a recently buffeted healing ability make him a top-notch support .

Best Paragon heroes – the essentials of each team

  • Sevarog (Offlane / Jungle): Sevarog is both an efficient tank and a competing jungle. It is amazing thanks to its ability to win Soul Stacks quickly while dealing with the offlane or the jungle. Endures a lot of damage and also its ability to clean areas is not detestable.
  • Twinblast (ADC): Twinblast is the fast man of Paragon. It has a really interesting mobility capability (Rocketdash). Combined with its normal stats, Twinblast noted for its high ability to survive in any lane and for being a terrible enemy at the end of each game.

Best Paragon Heroes – Other Interesting Heroes

In this list we include all those heroes that really remain interesting and above the usual statistical average but are not in the top of the game.

  • Crunch (Jungle / Offlane): Stinger Booster combined with a couple of active cards make Crunch a truly unstoppable carry. However, it also requires prior experience with the character and the game.
  • Gadget (Mid): With an improved Sticky Mine, Gadget offers great AOE pressure, can defend any tower the sea from good and is also extremely good in team fights. His ulti really generates a great deal of damage and destroys the enemy.

Best Paragon Heroes – Other Interesting Heroes

  • Grux (Jungle): He is one of everyone’s favorite heroes and stays strong in his position. It has an amazing escape ability, a strong stun and a really useful short range push.
  • Kwang (Jungle / Offlane): Kwang consumes a mana that is barbaric, but it is an incredible offlane and also a really efficient jungle. It is really practical and useful to kill enemies with unstoppable speed.
  • Murdock (ADC): What makes Murdock really powerful is that at the end of the game, when he already has all the buffs applied, Murdock is able to kill with very few blows. Your ulti has a fairly wide range and can catch enemies with your Static Trap, allowing you to protect your lane from any ambush.
  • Riktor (Support): A magnificent tank with a high range that can destroy with Stab Link. It is necessary to have enough experience before being really competent with him, but it is really good both at the beginning and at the end.
  • Serath (Offlane / Jungle): This character has a very powerful ulti and damage at the end of the game that is really scary. However, it requires a lot of previous experience of the game and you have to have a high knowledge of the map to carry it correctly. It is the best jungle of Paragon.

We hope you liked our guide with the best heroes of Paragon. Do not hesitate to review all the material we have about the game and discover more similar articles on CRG Soft.

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