How to Build a Successful Blog

Launching a successful blog might sound easy. But, it’s not. A large number of new blogs are launched every day, but only a handful of them get read by more than a few hundred people, and even fewer of them make a good profit. While a site can probably survive a terrible launch the truth is, most never recovered due to the high cost.

Ultimately, a majority of bloggers give up and shut down their site within a year. There are various things you need to consider to make a blog successful.

8 Tips For Building A Successful Blog

1. Give catchy headlines

Headlines act as advertisements for your posts. If they are not attractive, nobody will read the posts. Even though you may have amazing content, if the headline is not catchy, you will not succeed in gaining readers.

2. Interact with your readers

A blog is a conversation that starts with your post and continues with comments from your readers and other bloggers.

A very effective way to engage with your audience is to leave comments on similar blogs. If you are able to engage others in conversation, they’ll be more likely to visit your blog out of curiosity. Likewise, if readers leave comments on your posts, engage them in conversation in order to build a relationship with them — they are more likely to continue reading your blog as a result.

3. Provide useful information

Whatever topic you write about, try to make it as useful as possible. Make sure it is informative, well written and entertaining.

4. Guest Posting

One of the best way to draw new readers to your blog is to write great guest posts for other blogs.

5. Provide e-mail Newsletters

Encourage your readers to stay up to date with the latest information by offering them an email newsletter. Add a squeeze page to your blog that will allow them to enter their email address, but make it easy for readers to click past it to ensure they won’t become annoyed by it.

6. Ask for contributions from readers

After you’ve gotten to know your readers a bit, you may find that some of them have some expert knowledge they’d be willing to share. Allow some of your readers to make guest posts from time to time, and they’ll feel more a part of your blog and will therefore more likely continue to read it.

7. Link to other blogs where appropriate

It’s appropriate to cite your sources, so if you’ve retrieved information from another blog, be sure to link back to it. In doing so, you’ll also be helping your own blog to become more noticeable by search engines.

8. Try New Things

Blogs can get stale if they do the same things repeatedly. Try and get ideas from other mediums like movies, magazines and books.

4 Mistakes Bloggers Must Avoid

You may think you are doing everything correctly, but there are some common mistakes which you may not realize you are making. Avoiding such mistakes contributes towards making the blog more successful. Some of these mistakes are listed below.

1. Not posting regularly

The more often you update, the more popular your blog will be. Many blog readers like to read their favorite blogs on a regular basis.

2. Not Linking to Other Blogs

Always provide a blog link. If people are interested in reading your blog, they would probably be interested in reading other blogs you recommend. Linking to other blogs also sends a positive message to readers as it shows that you are involved in the community.

3. Not Responding Back

Make sure you reply to your readers’ comments. This is an easy way to keep your readers engaged.

4. Not having RSS Feed

RSS feeds are extremely important because most people will read your blog using RSS feeds. You are more likely to gain regular readers if you have an RSS feed.

Once you are done with all the above, you are ready to launch a Successful Blog.

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