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Calls in Mystic Messenger – Guide and tricks for the phone

Mystic messenger incoming outgoing calls history

We bring you a post in which we explain everything about the calls in Mystic messenger. Mystic messengers is an amazing really popular mobile game in which you can chat with incredibly attractive guys and decide which route you want to go to discover all its secrets and its past.

Mystic Messenger uses a chat and call system so you can interact with the different characters. But what about the calls? And if you do not catch them on time? Do you need to be aware of them all the time? In this we try to answer all these questions. mystic messenger incoming call

Calls on Mystic Messengers – incoming calls

After you are part of various events of flat visual novel sequences or even if you have closed the application, a character can call you directly through your mobile. You have to take the call and less than 10 seconds or it will not become a missed call. If you completely lose the call you can call the character again by 5 hourglasses in standard mode or by 10 hourglasses in after-story mode.

As a general rule, you can only call the character again until the next chat room appears. But also keep in mind that there are certain calls that you can not return at certain specific and really special times, such as the calls you receive on the 11th.

Calls in Mystic Messengers – outgoing calls and calling cards

You can call any member of the RFA whenever you want for 5 hourglasses in standard mode and 10 in another story mode. They may pick up the phone or they may not pick it up, but if they do not, they will not return the hourglasses that you used to call them. Of course, you can directly hear the message they have recorded on the voicemail to hear the voice of the character.

If you do not pick up the phone, it seems to be determined by the hours programmed in the series of chat events. Each possible outgoing call is scheduled in a calendar for a specific time. So keep that in mind before you start spending hourglasses like crazy to try to call that person you love so much. You can also buy calling cards for a specific character or for all of them.

Calls in Mystic Messengers – Call History

After completing at least one route, the call history will be unlocked from the main menu (before you choose the original story mode). You can re-listen to any type of telephone conversation you have had but you can only select the answer options that you previously selected when you played. You can also replay any type of conversation in which you returned the missed call to someone.

Usually the only difference that there will be missed calls and calls answered is the beginning of the conversation. Normally the lost call the character tells you that he already called you before but he was not able to contact you and then the rest of the conversation and the dialogue is completely the same.

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