Dauntless Beginners Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

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Hunting monsters in this cooperative RPG can be very rewarding but also somewhat stressful and complicated, especially if you have arrived new and you lack some basic knowledge. For this reason we have decided to make this small guide with tips and tricks of Dauntless especially useful for beginners.

Our Dauntless tips and tricks

The first of the Dauntless tricks that we can provide you has to do with the combats: they are not going to be any walk, so keep in mind that all the monsters of the game require preparation and a lot of effort in the fight. Here you will not make a pair of combos and you will finish with the enemies, but you will have to face long and hard combats.

All monsters attack in different ways and have specific weak points. We encourage you to try to learn from each of them, to know when it is appropriate to attack and which is better to opt for a more defensive attitude. Going crazy will not let you do any good in Dauntless.

The Wheel

If you are familiar with games like Dark Souls, this will not catch you new, but one of the best Dauntless tricks we can give you when you are in combat is to roll without stopping. Not only is it a great evasive technique, but it is very effective in avoiding attacks from enemies, as well as being crucial.

You should also learn the color codes of damage, to know what they mean:

  • Green: you are doing normal damage to the enemy.
  • Yellow: indicates the damage to a part that can be broken.
  • Blue: wobble damage to the enemy.
  • Red: injury damage to the enemy.

Cut off parts of the enemies

Another of the Dauntless tricks we can give you is to try to cut certain parts of the monsters. For example, queues are always good targets, since not only will you eliminate a part of the enemy doing a lot of damage, but also prevent you from using that part of your body as a weapon in combat.

Another important aspect in Dauntless is that you look for and find a weapon that matches your style. It is true that there are many weapons and all can serve different purposes, but we recommend that you take one and use it whenever you can if you feel comfortable, there will be nothing better for the fighting.

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