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Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger

Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger - Another story

Knowing which of the modes of Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger is a question that many beginners of this mobile game may have but that in reality has an easy solution.

Mystic Messenger is an incredible otome game that has caused a furor since its launch a couple of years ago and lately the biggest positions in Play Store games. In the role of a young girl who ends up accidentally in a chat room with a lot of handsome boys. It will be your mission to take away the secrets of the different children and learn about their lives until deciding which of them you want to stay with.

Mystic Messenger is really addictive and people tend to play it over and over again until you can unlock all the routes, all the endings (if that’s your case, we recommend our Mystic Messenger endgame guide ) and all the photos from the galleries.

But for which of the three modes should I start? That is quite easy and we will give you a solution in this article. Keep reading.

Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger

Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger – Which of the three modes to choose

Each of the modes allows you to introduce themes in the life of completely different characters and gain access to different routes for boys (and Jaehee).

Without any doubt you should start with the casual story. This is the first of the three modes available in Mystic Messenger. In it you can access the routes of Yoosung, Zen and Jaehee Kang. For this you will have to answer in the appropriate way and support them in their different day-to-day problems. If you still do not know these characters, we recommend you to take a look at our Mystic Messenger guide.

The casual story mode is programmed in such a way that your answers in the first 4 days of the game are decisive to know on the route which you will be. Other characters like 707 or Jumin, are only available for romance in the Deep story and Ray will only be available in last night’s story. Precisely for that reason we recommend that you do not try to get their hearts from day 1 to day 4 because it will be a real waste of time if you have not passed the game yet.

Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger – La Deep story

Deep Story is the next way you can play once you have finished the casual story. Unlike the casual story, modes imply much more in the history of each of the characters and comes to reveal really surprising issues of the plot. We will not tell you more so as not to incur a spoiler.

Once you finish the casual story you have to spend 80 hourglasses to unlock the Deep story. This means that it is very likely that you have to play the three routes of the casual story before you can proceed to the Deep story. It is a prize reserved only for the biggest fans.

Through the Deep story you can get the routes of 707 and Jumin Han getting their hearts the first 4 days of the game. At the same time, Yoosung, Jaehee and Zen will not be romantic characters available in the Deep story.

Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger

Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger – Another story

This mode was launched on September 8, 2017 for Android a couple of days later for iPhone. It is the last of the three available modes of the game and it costs 550 sandglasses to be able to unlock it completely. There are 300 watches for the V route and 250 watches to unlock Ray’s.

It also has a couple of peculiarities that differentiate it from the other two modes like the fact that outgoing calls cost 10 hourglasses and that incoming calls you do not collect will cost you 15 hourglasses. The story also takes place six months after one of the most important events of the Deep story.

In this mode the only characters with whom you can maintain a romantic relationship are V and Ray. Initially only V was available but on January 31, 2018 they also released Ray’s route.

Deep Story, Casual and Another in Mystic Messenger – conclusions

This is a game that lends itself enormously to you repeating it over and over again in order to be able to extract all its potential. Getting to the Deep story, which is presented as a gift for the biggest fans but above all more difficult will be to get to another story. Something if you’re liking the story of these guys very interesting and very necessary to keep going because they reveal really brutal plot things.

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