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Diamonds in AFK Arena – How to get more?

Diamonds in AFK Arena

What will you find in this article?

We teach you a few tips and tricks to get more diamonds in AFK Arena that will help you to achieve the success.

Money is a fundamental part of life, fortunately or unfortunately, and in some video games the same thing happens. The good thing about the latter is that there are always methods that allow us to obtain them more quickly or efficiently, and today we are going to help you get more diamonds at AFK Arena. Following these tips you can get more resources of this material, so stay tuned.

How to get more diamonds in AFK Arena

Although it may seem a lie, the truth is that the best way to get diamonds in AFK Arena is to play throughout the campaign mode. Every four levels the game will reward you with more diamonds, so you know: if you want to get this material focus on completing the main story since it is the most effective way without any doubt to obtain them.

If you have already obtained them all this way or want to get diamonds at AFK Arena in another way, you can also look at contracts or temporary challenges , since from time to time there will be some that will provide some of them as rewards, although not too many. The same happens in the labyrinth, although if you manage to overcome the three floors (getting as a reward about 200 diamonds), so you already have another way to get more every two days.

Obviously, we also recommend that you complete your daily challenges and many others that can also give you this material. If you want tips and tricks to win the game more easily, we recommend you take a look at our AFK Arena guide , as well as our selection with the best faction of the game so far.

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