DiRT Rally 2.0 PS4 Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks for the Novice

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DiRT Rally 2.0 PS4 Beginner Guide

It is one of the most realistic and demanding video games in the history of the rally. Driving is complicated and mastering all the vicissitudes of the game takes a long time. That’s why we have prepared this little guide with tips and tricks of Dirt Rally 2.0 that we hope you find useful to try to master your vehicle in each type of terrain.

Tips and Tricks for DiRT Rally 2.0

As we indicated in the analysis we published , Dirt Rally 2.0 is not for all players. It is a demanding and very complicated game, so if you get new to the world of realistic driving simulators you may have a bit of trouble at first. But, of course, there is a path to follow in which, yes, you will have to do your part.

Our recommendation is to take a look at the menu of driving aids and activate all possible, or at least all that you consider important. After that, take a game and assess whether the driving is very complicated or not. The best tricks of Dirt Rally 2.0 that we can give you is that you go activating and deactivating these aids little by little, as you improve and you feel more comfortable in the game. The goal will be for you to end up enjoying the experience without any active help.

Listen to the copilot and your car

The figure of the co-driver is fundamental in any rally and you have to learn to understand their indications, as they are the most basic Dirt Rally 2.0 tricks to be successful. The co-pilot will indicate which is the next curve followed by the difficulty that his execution will have. The smaller the number, the more closed and complicated it will be, so it manages the speed and the marches depending on what comes. If you need it, in the options menu you have the possibility to vary the time it takes to give one instruction and another.

The same goes for the vehicle: you have to know how to understand it. Be careful with crashes and accidents, since you can cause failures that directly affect driving. In this sense, in addition, later you will have to use your time to fix the damages. You can restart a limited number of times each test, in case you have had an accident too serious or you have made a tremendous mistake.

dirt rally 2.0 tricks

Always prioritize the mechanical arrangements ahead of the body, especially if you do not have time to fix all of them. But be careful, because one of the tricks of Dirt Rally 2.0 is to know what the next stage is and act accordingly. For example, do not forget to fix the headlights if you have broken them in case the next test is at night, or you will not see the road.

Practice and enjoy

The best of the Dirt Rally 2.0 tricks we can give you is to practice as much as you can. Each test and each vehicle is a world, and to master them in the end requires a lot of time and dedication. Do not get too frustrated with the game and try each stage to be a new teaching: little by little you will enjoy your improvement more than winning championships, that will come.

Last but not least, enjoy. Dirt Rally 2.0 offers a very realistic experience of the world of rally and its different competitions and that implies bad moments but also very good ones. If you take it seriously you will have a game for a long time and you will enjoy your improvement if you have patience.

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