Discover three ways to win over discerning customers

Who ever came across a customer who seemed to know more about the product than the seller himself? Or who went into an establishment and ended up giving up the purchase because of poor service?

According to Microsoft, only in 2015, companies lost about  217 billion dollars  because of dissatisfied customers who migrated to the competition. Carried out by Accenture Strategy, the survey identified that poor service is the second biggest reason for dropping a service or product, leaving behind only the price. This contact brings to light the reflection of what are the best practices and ways of dealing with a consumer that has become increasingly demanding.

With the digital transformation having enabled the new consumer to be more informed and conscious, it is important that you check out three tips that will help you win and retain loyal customers :

Know Your Customer Better Than Yourself

Just as today’s consumer gets more and more prepared for a purchase, you also need to do the reverse process . When you understand the behavior and trends of your client, you can  anticipate needs  and thus develop a relationship better and more personalized.

Connect with the customer on multiple channels

There are people who only talk on social networks, there is that person who prefers to make contact by phone, there is the customer who feels better about solving everything personally. Be prepared to offer a  complete service , wherever your client is. Provide the consistent, personalized service people expect on the channel and the device they choose.

Listen to your customer’s complaints

Receiving criticism is not always good, but it is imperative to get an insight into a problem that in fact can be from many other people as well. Consider the situation as an opportunity to gain  valuable insight .

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