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Idle Heroes – Experience Playing The World’s Leading Tactical RPG

Experience playing Idle Heroes

The following article will give you some experience of playing Idle Heroes for beginners to be able to use the resources in the game in an optimal way!

Although my experience of Idle Heroes is limited, I still want to give you the best experience of this world-leading game!

Idle Heroes

Play Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is the second-best role-playing strategy game on Google Play for games with the highest grossing revenue. The game was provided by DHGAMES and was first released on June 22, 2016. So far, Idle Heroes has over 10 million downloads and 460 thousand reviews, with a 4.6 / 5 average.

This game has a popular turn-based strategy game on mobile, similar games include Summoner’s War, Almost a Hero, Dota Truyen Ky … 2D animation game looks very cool, in addition to games also owns a large fanpage with over 655 thousand page likes.

Play Idle Heroes

The strength of Idle Heroes is the event and the update is constantly updated, creating excitement for the gaming community. Manufacturer DHGAMES always knows the gamer with new heroes, new items and attractive gifts. Therefore, Idle Heroes has always been at the top of a series of rankings and is one of the editor’s choices.

Experience playing Idle Heroes

Play Idle Heroes - Experience playing Idle Heroes

So far, Idle Heroes has produced a total of 410 servers (every few days there is a new server) to limit the game overload. However, for some newcomers, there is little experience of playing Idle Heroes, they often have to repeat many times on the server and take a lot of time.

Play Idle Heroes - playing Idle Heroes Ingame interface

I myself had to use 7 nicknames in 7 different servers in Idle Heroes. Every time you make a play for 1 to 2 months, you regret it: “Why didn’t I do that before?” Why did I forget that? Knowing that, I did that … ”. In general, there are many things that I feel regretful for not doing earlier, and then I have to go through the server to create a nick, leaving the old and dedicated.

So to get the best start and experience, check out some of the Idle Heroes playing experiences that I have drawn below:

1. Select the new server to play

Play Idle Heroes - Select the new server to play

When starting your account, notice which server has just been set up for at least 1 day or less. These are new servers and have few players already strong, and many people join and increase competition in the arena. Choose a new server that gives you more motivation and fun to play, no one wants to go to a server but only the top players and I am lonely right?

Play Idle Heroes - playing Idle Heroes tips


+ Please synchronize your account immediately with your Facebook or google nick to avoid losing data. Like fanpage of Idle Heroes to always update the latest information.

+ Instantly make friends and interact with other players, they will help us a lot in the game later.

+ Should set up nick as soon as possible to avoid miss the event series, because sometimes there are many waves of events very suitable for newbie.

2. Always do all the tasks for the day

play Idle Heroes - Always do all the tasks for the day

Idle Heroes has a daily mission system, and a limited number of activities that increase over time, typically: Needle points, free summons, sweeping islands, training, daily login gifts … This all stops the counter every time you forget or don’t do it on time, so the development of nick will be slower than other players. Always remember to finish the day’s tasks, and limited activities to achieve the most possible results.

Play Idle Heroes - playing Idle Heroes challenge


+ For a high level summoning quest, if you summon a high-class free, you can buy 1 book for 150 diamonds in the store, instead of buying 220 diamonds at the shop.

+ Notice the red circles on the icons or places where the activities take place, it signals you that those activities are full and stops the counter if you don’t.

+ Normally, Idle Heroes will reset tasks at 7 am every day, so pay attention to the timeline to finish before resetting.

3. Do not use items if not really necessary

Play Idle Heroes - Do not use items if not really necessary

Why not use it if it’s not really necessary? Suppose today you have 150 5-star hero puzzle pieces and can summon 3 children, you feel excited and summon 3 heroes immediately. Soon after, the Idle Heroes resets and opens a new event if you can summon 3 5-star heroes in this event, you will be rewarded with 3000 diamonds, for now you have regretted the price as if you waited 1 more. day to summon.

Play Idle Heroes - ultimate team

That is the most regretful thing, and it is also the thing that helps to classify players, who can calculate further, they will develop better. When we first started making nick, we really need strong heroes, health, lots of money to grow quickly. But when we all have 5-star heroes, things are okay, money is not needed so we should leave it until the appropriate events appear, and then “boom”, pass the level! It is the art of hoe-hoe gaming, and it is also your future business experiences, it is similar.

Play Idle Heroes - playing Idle Heroes info


+ Items such as: Ngoc prophet, senior summon paper, honor coin, hero puzzle pieces 5 stars should not be used if not really necessary. Unless you play games for fun and experience, you don’t want to climb the top or get a high position.

+ If you deposit money into the game, calculate what events are the best, cheapest and the most effective. It is very expensive to not harass even if you have a lot of money, so learn how to spend money smartly and effectively.

+ For the Guide, choose a strong Guide, really high requirements. Because sometimes the resources you spend to devote to the Guide are not the same as what it gives us.

+ Should consider between the choices, calculate the rewards to see which side is better and prioritize to do that first. Because Idle Heroes is very powerful at continuous event stitching, updates are constantly appearing so don’t worry about accumulating the last few resources for nothing.

4. Refer to the lineup from the pro gamers

Play Idle Heroes - Refer to the lineup from the pro gamers

The chat table in Idle Heroes is very useful, it’s not just for making friends or showing off heroes. Chat boards make it easier to communicate with powerful players, ask them which good, strong, and logical roster with the heroes you have. However, we only refer to it, not follow a hard way, because nobody is perfect and Idle Heroes really builds a game with a variety of tactics, perfectly balanced.

Play Idle Heroes - idle heroes chat table


+ Join the Idle Heroes group on facebook to exchange and learn more advanced experiences.

+ Basic lineup of Idle Heroes should have at least 1 tanker lined up first, 1 buffalo blood hero can recover on the same line as the tanker (maybe 2 tankers, but 1 pure tanker and 1 tanker damage). The following lineup should use at least 1 gunner and 1 pastor, remaining depending on your creativity. Note the type of buffs in the Idle Heroes (for example, 6 dark heroes, 6 different heroes …), because these buffs are very powerful and we should prioritize building a team based on it.


Play Idle Heroes - playing Idle Heroes - Epilogue

It is the experience of Idle Heroes playing enthusiastically that I have experienced and summarized myself after nearly 2 years of sticking with this game. Although you know that playing games is fun for you to experience, but you should try once seriously with a game, you will feel that there is something responsible and worthy of the effort.

Play Idle Heroes - playing Idle Heroes - monsters

Idle Heroes has a lot of strengths, but it is really a game that is not heavy on tactics and is mainly suitable for the majority of gamers of all ages due to their self-fighting style and activities that do not require coordination. match between multiple players. If you want to participate in a more serious, competitive mobile game, try experiencing Monster Legends – the king of the RPG simulation genre.

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