FIFA 19 Companion available on Android: Everything you can do with your smartphone in Ultimate Team

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Yesterday Konami announced the final phase of the development of PES 2019 Mobile , which will arrive in December with a new Unreal Engine 4 engine and many new features. To his great rival, the classic FIFA Mobile of EA Sports , we have not yet heard him at this start of the season, although we do already have the complementary app available for the FIFA 19 console and PC .

As in other years it is called FIFA 19 Companion , and it reaches both Android and iOS on the same day that users subscribing to EA and Origin can access FIFA 19. You already know its function, and it is allowing us to manage our FIFA club Ultimate Team from anywhere and at any time.

Your download is free, although you will need an EA account to access and a club created in FIFA Ultimate Team 19 on any of the supported platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It requires an Internet connection to work, and with it you can manage remotely and from your smartphone any of the “management” aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team.

With this app you can make offers for players at auctions, buy envelopes, prepare your team and get multiple prizes and advantages for FUT 19. It should be remembered, yes, that FIFA 19 will officially arrive on September 28 , although as we said Subscribers can play up to 10 hours from today.

FIFA 19 Companion, everything you can do with your smartphone in Ultimate Team

Based on the description that Electronic Arts itself publishes on the download platforms, these are all the functions you will find in FIFA 19 Companion. If you’re a FIFA fan, you’re already taking …

There is always something new to play in the complementary application with daily and weekly goals. In addition, each challenge completed has a reward.


In FUT 19 you can get your rewards on the go with the complementary application. You can claim the rewards of Squad Battles, Division Rivals or FUT Champions from your phone.


Exchange players from your club for interesting rewards through the DCPs, in which you will combine players to meet some requirements. It increases the difficulty of the challenges by combining nationalities, leagues and clubs to obtain a more complex chemistry.


Prepare your squad for the next important match from anywhere. Manage your training, players, managers and consumables.


The complementary application is compatible with the new player choice function. In each player choice there will be up to 5 player items that you can add to your template. Choose carefully, you can only keep one.


Do not miss any transfer and find out about the market activity. The transfer market allows you to sell items from your club and bid for new players, consumables and everything you need to create your team in Ultimate Team.


Create your club with envelopes purchased with coins or FIFA Points. Access special offers of envelopes or lightning offers with the complementary application of FIFA 19.


To use the companion application you must have an EA Account, FIFA 19 and a FIFA Ultimate Team ™ club. PlayStation®3, Xbox 360 ™ and Nintendo Switch accounts are not compatible with the complementary FIFA application.

And right here you can directly access the Google Play Store for free download .

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