Know how to find a Blogging Accountability Partner

Whether you are determined to lose weight, go to the gym every week, or update your blog regularly, it can be difficult to keep your motivation if you are going at it alone.
An accountability partner someone who shares your goal and is prepared to commit to it alongside you can help you to stay motivated even when challenges come your way.
You and your accountability partner can encourage each other through the difficult times and hold each other to account when you are tempted to be lazy.
If you’re new to blogging, it’s hard enough to learn the ropes. Consistency is what gets you through the difficult times, and no better way to withstand it with an accountability partner.

How to Find a Blogging Accountability Partner

One of the best ways to find an accountability partner is to join a blogging group in your area. The Internet offers plenty of blogging groups that you can use to find your perfect partner.

Here are a few that you can try:

  • Facebook Blogging Groups
  • Bloggers Lounge
  • Bloggers Brunch
  • Smashing Bloggers
  • BlogShare
  • Everything About Blogging
  • Blogger Forum
  • WordPress Warriors
  • Guest Blogging Group
  • Blogging Squad
  • GiveAway Bloggers
  • Blogging Conferences
Attending a blogging conference is another good way to find an accountability partner. Blogging conferences are meeting points for enthusiastic bloggers, where they can network with each other and hear some words of wisdom from guest speakers.
You’ll learn how to monetize your blog (web hosting usually being one the more popular ways), and networking with like-minded bloggers. Attend one of the following conferences with an open mind and an aim to collect contact details for some potential accountability partners.
Build Your Blog Content-rich conference that offers plenty of instruction as well as networking opportunities.
  1. BlogConf – Launched for the first time in 2014, this conference is for new and experienced bloggers in all niches.
  2. BlogHer – BlogHer hosts regular conferences for female bloggers.
  3. NMX – Bloggers, podcasters, and other online media producers meet in Las Vegas annually.
  4. FoodBlogSouth This networking event caters to food bloggers, writers, and photographers.
  5. The Makers Summit A one-day conference for art, craft and design bloggers.
  6. Design Bloggers Conference An event for interior design bloggers.
  7. Blog Academy Two-day workshops held regularly in many locations to help bloggers learn and network.
  8. Camp Blogaway Activity-rich event for food bloggers.
  9. FitBloggin – For bloggers who write about fitness, wellness or health.

How to Work With Your Accountability Partner

Accountability partnerships only work if you and your partner keep in regular contact. From the very start of your partnership, you need to set up a regular schedule
for checking in with each other. Without this regular contact, you both run the risk of losing interest in your own and your partner’s activities.
Here are some ways you can stay in touch and check up on each other.


Sending a quick text when you finish a stunning blog post or have a great idea can inspire your partner. Even if you haven’t written anything for a while, send a text
to ask how your partner is doing. Regularly checking in with your partner is important to maintain the connection.

Writing Meet-Ups

This one is my favorite, hands down. If your blogging partner lives nearby, then meeting up in a local coffee-house can result in both of you getting some good blogging work done. Bring your laptops and your best ideas, and be prepared to brainstorm together. Just don’t get too distracted by chatting about non-related topics.

Google Documents

Besides each other, Google Docs is your new best friend. Share your calendars with each other so that you can hold each other to the posts that you plan to write. You can create a spreadsheet of ideas for new posts that both of you can add to.

Social Media

Add your blogging partner to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Regularly seeing updates from your partner will motivate you to create and share your own content. I recently did this with my boy Troy Shanks, and we upped the stakes by holding ourselves accountable over Skype conversations.

Be Competitive

Sometimes, competition can be good for you. Set contests between you and your blogging partner, such as how many posts you can publish, how many comments you can get on your blog, or how many new followers you can attract. You can even include small prizes as an incentive, such as the loser having to buy the winner a coffee the next time you meet up.

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