11 Best Free Photography Courses and Reviews [2021 List]

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Photography is as much a science as it is an art, and any photographer should consider many elements to take a good picture. The type of camera he is using, the lens, the focus, the lighting, the exposure to light, and the subject which will be photographed.

In an era where we all take photos at every moment using the cameras of our mobile devices, many believe they are “photographers” for taking a good selfie  and adding an Instagram filter. Professional photography is much more. If you are a beginner who wants to learn to capture better images you can take an online course to get new photographic skills.

We have compiled the list of 11 online photography classes that are totally free.

This is a free Harvard course with video and audio. A certification upon completion and 13 modules for a total of 10 to 15 hours of study.

Karl Taylor is a photographer with more than 20 years of experience. He has a website with paid courses but he has also created a free Udemy course with 22 lessons and more than two hours of content.

Another video course with the basics of photography.

This course is very complete and is distributed in six modules: photography for beginners, intermediate, advanced, edition, photo composition and camera configuration. Each of these has 10 lessons or more, but all are for reading.

A completely free MIT course with audio lessons, notes, assignments, projects and examples.

I included all this channel because it has many courses and a lot of information. Everything is organized in the reproduction lists where there is photography for marriages, portraits, editing, posing, for pregnant women, fashion, etc.

Another complete course to read, with five lessons. Understanding exposure, how to compose a photograph, basic rules of composition, understanding camera lenses and how to read histograms.

A Photoflex course with 96 lessons, some with videos included. They explains everything about indoor portraits, including all the equipment that is used professionally.

More than 30 lessons also from Photoflex with information on used equipment and some videos.

The last of Photoflex, with about 70 lessons available to learn how to do all sorts of things: catalog photographs, photos in the garden, photos on rainy days, etc.

This Udemy course lasts for five hours and has 37 lessons. This explains everything you need to learn how to use a DSLR camera. The instructor says that you do not need to have one of those cameras mandatory because the idea is that you learn to take better pictures with any camera you have available.

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