G Suite or a Hosting Company: Where to hire a professional email?

To professionalize your internet presence , you need to go through a few steps that involve important decisions to be made. Often these decisions will dictate the future of your business and may involve tools that will be used for years. This usually applies not only to you but to everyone who somehow relates or will relate to your company. Items like having a  domain of your own , a website and a professional email platform are critical for any company or professional of our era.

In this article, we will know the differences between using the G Suite or hosting company to hire the professional email service.

If you plan to use the service of a professional email but are in doubt about which platform to use , we hope to help you make this decision by providing relevant information on the subject. Stay with us and find out!

Summary: G Suite or hosting company

If you want to get right to the point and make your choice, we’ve prepared a summary of the conclusions we draw from this article, comparing both options. Review the items below and find out which of the two solutions fits you.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of each option, continue reading the article.

G Suite: What is it and how does it work?

G Suite is named for Google’s cloud-based enterprise services suite . Professional email is just one of the (great) services offered by Google, as we’ll see below. OG Suite is used by more than 5 million businesses worldwide.

By contracting G Suite, you and members of your company are entitled to the following services:

Professional Email

You can use the Gmail platform to send and receive emails from your company , but with a domain of your own ([email protected]). Each user is entitled to more than 30 GB of storage , shared between email and files in Drive. If you do not want to use the Gmail inbox, you can receive and send your messages in any other email program, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Google Drive

It is the file storage platform in the cloud , in its corporate version. Enables the creation and sharing of files between members of your company, clients, or the general public. You can access and keep your files synchronized on any device with internet access (computers, smartphones, and tablets). You can also set permissions per file or directory and control who can edit, comment or just view your files.

Google Docs

Integrated with Drive, Google Docs is Google’s office suite of applications , which includes text document (Docs) editor, Sheets, and presentations. It also allows you to import and export files from your main competitor, Microsoft Office. Files can be shared with the same permissions mentioned above for Google Drive, with the detail that the files in the suite do not take up storage space in the user account.

Another interesting detail is that all changes made to the files in the suite are saved in a file’s own history . This makes it easy to see what has been changed and to go back, restoring previous versions if necessary. Very good for working in a group in a same file.

Google Calendar

It’s the famous Google agenda integrated into your business environment . It allows all members of the company to see each other’s appointments in order to make it easier to schedule meetings and events. Schedule sharing can be set to make the whole event visible, just indicate whether there are appointments, or simply not share the schedule.

Groups and Email Lists

This feature, which is not well known to the public, allows groups to create or distribute e-mails . Groups can be used for various purposes, such as forum (internal or open to the public), distribution of emails by sector (e.g., [email protected]) and customer service (e.g., [email protected]). The advantage of the service is that it is not necessary to create an email box for an industry . This way, several employees can receive and respond to messages sent to a group.

Google Hangouts

Google’s communication tool, which allows chat, audio, or video chat . You can talk to one person or several people at the same time. In the G Suite, all members of the company are automatically visible to start a conversation. Any other Gmail user, however, can also be fired into a conversation.

Hangouts has a smartphone app (Android and iPhone) and is integrated with your calendar. When you create a calendar event, a link to a Hangouts conversation is automatically created.

Management panel

All G Suite settings linked to your business are controlled in a user-friendly, feature-rich administrative panel . In it, you can edit your company profile, add and remove users, change passwords, enter new domains, set up payment data, obtain usage reports, and many other features.

In addition to the features listed above, each G Suite user account, because it is a Google account, has access to all other company tools. This includes YouTube , Google Keep, Sites, Blogs, Photos, Analytics, AdWords and many others.

On this G Suite page , you can use the platform for free for up to 14 days . After that, the cost is $ 5 per month, per user.

Technical support

Google provides 24-day support, 7 days a week , to support G Suite customers. In addition to these channels, there is a large help center , with content on all the tools available. Through the help center, all users of the service will find content on the use of the tools and may clarify any doubts.

Support can be made by phone, chat or email. Only account administrators can be reached by support. This limitation is not a problem, since all the tools are very intuitive and self-explanatory. Therefore, account administrators can rely on the support team to perform any kind of configuration on the platform accounts or services.


  • Saving with other services – Suite of applications can be economical when avoiding the need to hire other similar software, such as Microsoft Office. The same goes for Google Drive, which replaces storage services like the DropBox.
  • Control and management – Configure every detail of users’ accounts, including who will have access to which tools.
  • Backup and Security – No data is lost thanks to the security of the Google cloud. You can increase the security level by creating rules for passwords and by configuring double-authenticated access.
  • Gmail Webmail – Use a friendly and full-featured webmail to filter, sort, and organize your messages.
  • Efficient antispam – Gmail has one of the most efficient antispam filters in the world, which will automatically run on all your company accounts.
  • Calendar, Drive, Docs, and more – Use Google’s suite of applications to improve your productivity, as well as your colleagues and employees.
  • Reliability – Be assured that all your emails will be delivered and that no files will be lost. Even if someone modifies or deletes a file, the history of everything is saved and previous versions can be restored in a few clicks.


  • Cost per user – You have to pay per user, which makes the cost higher when you have many email accounts. The cost is $ 5 per person. It is possible to contract the service in reais through a reseller, but the price may vary according to the vendor.

Email Hosting Company: What Is It And How Does It Work?

The professional email service is offered by various website hosting companies , but the features of the service can vary greatly according to the company. In some cases, professional email is available along with the web hosting service , which can be very handy for those who plan to have a website and email accounts in the same domain.

Despite the differences, we commonly find the following features in the professional email service offered by a hosting company:

Professional Email

It is the email account itself, which usually contains a certain amount of space per user or a group of users. The email is configured in the customer’s domain (eg, [email protected]) and can be accessed by an email program, such as Microsoft Outlook, or via a webmail.


Is the program used to check and send emails from any internet browser (ex: Chrome, Firefox, Edge …). The company that provides the service can offer its own webmail or a platform created by third parties, as is the case of webmail offered in hosting accounts that use cPanel. In some cases, webmail can be customized with the logo and other information of your company.

E-mail list

Allows you to create an email address that distributes messages between multiple users. Very useful for sending out announcements to all or a group of users or creating emails for departments (eg, [email protected]). It works similarly to Groups, from the G Suite, but with slightly different features.

Technical support of hosting companies

Technical support also varies from company to company. In general, hosting companies offer support by chat, email and telephone , however, there are variations as to the availability of these channels . In some cases, telephone support is unavailable or does not work 24 hours a day.

Before hiring the service, it is important to raise the forms of support offered by the company in order to make sure that the service will be appropriate to your needs. Especially when you do not have an in-house technical department, technical support may be required frequently.


  • It can be more economical – Especially for those who have many email accounts or when hired along with the hosting service. But this is not a rule and the cost may vary from company to company.
  • Easy to set up – Anyone who hires the web hosting service that has email included just needs to create the accounts that they want to use, which can be very practical.


  • Limited Webmail – Do not expect to find the various features of Gmail in webmail hosting companies. In general the interface is simpler as well as features.
  • Inefficient Antispam – Enterprise anti-spam tools strive to differentiate legitimate email from spam messages, but this does not always work.
  • No resources beyond email – No application suite or storage service available, just the email service. In practice, this may be an additional cost if you need to outsource one of these services.

After all, what’s the best: G Suite or hosting company?

If we had to consider just the aspect of professional email , the winner would certainly be the G Suite. Anyone who already knows Google services, such as Gmail, can expect the same efficiency of the platform, but all this using the domain of their own company. In addition, the level of user control and the suite of applications stand out from other professional email solutions that do not have such features.

Despite the above verdict, other factors should be taken into consideration  and the G Suite may not be unanimous. People who just want to send and receive email in a domain of their own – and want to pay little for it – may prefer a professional email than the G Suite.

To make it easier to see other scenarios, consider the aspects listed below and find out which ones you and your business fall into :

G Suite – better for those who want:

  • A professional and efficient email service with many features;
  • A suite of office applications as good as those of the already established Microsoft Office;
  • Plenty of storage space for emails and files (30GB per account);
  • Enhanced security and control;
  • Ease of use of Google tools.

OG Suite offers a 100% free trial period . You can create an account and use the services for up to 14 days at no cost.

E-mail hosting company – best for those who want:

  • A professional email service with standard features;
  • You do not want to pay by user account and / or want a more economical service;
  • You do not need extra features like the office suite.
  • As mentioned earlier, several hosting companies offer professional email service.


In this article, we did an analysis of the professional email service to help people choose between the G Suite or a managed web hosting company. As we have seen, G Suite offers a number of advantages over its competitors. However, it may not be the most indicated in some scenarios.

Do you use or have you used a professional email service? Are you thinking of hiring one, but still have doubts? Leave a comment and we will be happy to help you!

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