How To Get On Top Of Google In 2018?

Earlier, making a group of links over night and improving the keyword density would quickly rank your site at the top of the search results page. Getting a website to the top of Google needs energetic analysis, skilled planning and attentive execution. But with the Google’s more recent search for quality, usability, authenticity and authority, most of the tips that could help you get your site to the top of Google earlier may not give the same results today.

Here are some guidelines on how to get on top of Google in 2018.

1. Decide Your Keywords Smartly

The procedure of effective SEO starts with recognizing and deciding the keywords that you wish to locate for. While it is important to rank at the top of Google, it is indeed more vital to find the correct keywords. You have to understand the keywords that your target audience is using.

There are different free of cost and paid tools that you can make use of to do the keyword research. Google-keywords tool is a good choice to begin with. While deciding the keyword, you need to consider three things:

– Search Volume
– Significance
– Competition

2. Conduct a Competitive Research

Regardless of what position you choose, you can regularly expect to have tough competitors as far as ranking your website at the top of Google is concerned. It is, therefore, important to perform some research on your competitors so that you can determine the level of competition.

Research also allows you to learn the SEO techniques that your rivals are using. Unless you know how to survive against your rivals, you will not have the ability to launch an effective SEO method to complete the top position.

3. Content should be High Quality

High quality content is the lifeline of an effective SEO. If your website does not contain an exceptional product, you will never have the capability to bring it on the leading position even after your tough attempts. You must establish an extraordinary product on your website regularly. Make sure you remove the poor quality product that is already included in your website.

4. Social Connection with the audience

Being socially connected with the audience is very important for an effective SEO. Social connections include:


– Maintaining your social profiles
– Optimizing your profile for your subject expertise
– Posting interesting content or relevant and useful information
– Connecting with the best possible audiences
– Interacting with your audience
– Increasing the interactions

5. Avoid Over Optimizing

Always avoid overdoing internal anchor text, linking, and excessive footer links. Today’s optimization should be more about creating a user-friendly experience, with the internal linking and the content that benefits users first. Footers with huge link counts may not always be beneficial on every page if top or in-page navigation provides a better experience.

Benefits of getting on Top of Google include:

– Increase in the traffic of a website
– More opportunities for your business.
– Increased income and more chances of expanding your business.
– Better online reputation.
– Advertising with long lasting effect.
– Increased customer satisfaction.

If you are an internet marketing expert, you will surely understand the importance of getting listed on top of search engine results and the benefits gained from high search engine rankings. Search engine ranking is a predictable asset for every inbound marketer. If you are yet to appear on the first page of Google results, work a bit harder. The success will then be yours for sure.

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