Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn Beginners Guide

Grim Dawn Beginners Guide - tips and secrets for the noob

With this Grim Dawn Beginners Guide you will learn the basics of the game and it will be much easier to finish winning,

Grim Dawn is a huge game in which it is good to have some tips to know how to grow, improve and become stronger. For this, today we bring you a few tricks of Grim Dawn that will allow you to grow fast and not waste time, resources or lives.

To begin it is important that you gain reputation to be able to relate to the factions and thus be able to buy the best items as soon as possible. It is also important to improve everything, both veteran and elite, raise your resistances and do not leave anything behind in the grind because you will need it. If you want more Grim Dawn tricks, read on.


Grim Dawn Beginners Guide - Grim Dawn tricks for components and looting

Grim Dawn tricks for components and looting

It is important that you add components to all the equipment you can because you will get new skills. For example, the aether ward of purified salt gains 20% resistance, so one of the good tricks of Grim Dawn to improve your build is to take a look at everything you have equipped that can be improved: basic attack replacements, objects , etc.

Grim Dawn Beginners Guide - Grim Dawn Tricks

If you want to improve quickly, one of Grim Dawn’s tricks that works best is to complete the previous difficulties. Each mission and each temple give experience and reputation, skill points, attributes and inventory pages. We recommend you complete the hidden path of the missions because you will have relics and talismans.

When lootear, we recommend that you take all yellow + and common components. It is important to remember that a team of lesser rarity may have better basic statistics and resistances than a greater, epic or legendary team, so it is important to save this equipment for certain situations.

Grim Dawn tricks for the build

Do not get used to improving only your offensive slope, also improve your defenses. It is impossible to avoid all the damage you are going to receive, so you need to be able to take some hits even if you are a DPS, a magician or a gunner.

The best Grim Dawn’s defensive skills are:

  • Menhir’s Will
  • Overguard
  • Blast Shield
  • Blood of Dreeg
  • Blade Barrier
  • Pneumatic Burst
  • Mirror of Ereoctes
  • Maiven’s Sphere of Protection
  • Mogdrogen’s Pact.

We continue with other tricks Grim Dawn to build.

There are only three permanent things for your character, so it is important to choose well in your attributes and your mastery points. It is important that you focus on them, especially on the attribute points if you are a gunner or magician, even if you want to spend everything in spirit and cunning.

To end Grim Dawn Beginners Guide, we recommend that you use consumables such as potions to earn resistance, improve your HP, damage or health regeneration. In the bosses it is a particularly useful strategy to be well prepared with this type of potions.

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