HEADSHOT! The best head shooting games for PC


Guns, machine guns, rifles and even gravity. In some games, there are so many enemies on the screen that any bullet can save your life (and end the life of the enemy). So enjoy and check out some of these games on our list! GO! GO! GO!


25- Killing Floor 2

Opening our list of shooting games, we bring Killing Floor 2 . Lots of action, good mood, violence and up to 6 people in coop, this is a great way to spend your time! Oh, if you want to make the game more competitive, it has a PvP mode of up to 12 players!

24- Half Life 2

It could be strange terms in a list of shooting games, a game in which the main weapon of the protagonist is a crowbar, but HALF-LIFE 2 has so many innovations for the world of PC games that could not leave this big name off our list. Remembering that Gravity Gun can turn almost everything into a projectile! Want something better than that ?!

Shooting Games - Half Life 2

23- Sniper Elite 4

Welcome to Italy from World War II. Amidst the biggest clashes that human history has ever seen, you will take on the role of a sniper. Invade the heart of enemy troops, be invisible, silent and deadly. And if none of this cheers you up, you can enjoy the shots with X-Rays and Slow Motion!

Shooting Games - Sniper Elite 4

22- Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Following the line of games in which the precision of the shot counts much more than the amount of shots given, we present Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 . Both he and Sniper Elite 4 are not only shooting games, they are true experiences of concentration, calm and know how to enjoy the right time to shoot.

Shooting Games - Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

21- Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

We can not talk about shooting games without mentioning Wild West games. In Call of Juarez: Gunslinger , you’ll meet some of the greatest real-life gunslingers, such as Billy the Kid and Jesse James , and even more, you’ll work your way to earn your place among the greatest legends of that time.

Shooting Games - Call of Juarez: Gunslinger


As one generic UBER driver would say : “Wow! And this time ?! “. And that’s what SUPERHOTis all about . Here, time only passes when you move, so all steps need to be very well given. With clean and minimalist graphics, you are always alone and unarmed. How will you survive?

Shooting Games - SUPERHOT

19- Insurgency

Over 40 weapons with ability to modify. More than 7 multiplayer modes, 16 maps and cooperative modes with missions. That’s what you’ll see in Insurgency (plus lots of bullet eating loose). With your friends or playing alone, the important thing is that you enjoy the game and stay alive!

Shooting Games - Insurgency

18- PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is featured in our list of Free Games for PC, but it also deserves to be on the list of shooting games, because action is what is missing in this futuristic FPS . You will have to choose between 1 of the 3 empires to fight and serve. Each empire provides unique equipment and incredible prizes for the victors of this world.

Shooting Games - PlanetSide 2

17- Borderlands 2

What else exists in the universe of borderlands are unique weapons and moments of comedy. Re-explore the Pandora region , blow up your enemies and collect countless weapons to clear your way to the encounter with Handsome Jack , your greatest enemy ever.

Shooting Games - Borderlands 2

16- DOOM

DOOM is literally the meaning of “hell on earth”. One of the greatest classics in the world of shooting games (which is on our list of best games in the world , made by readers), he is extremely loyal to his proposal. A violent and fun game. Kill the hordes of enemies coming directly from Hell before they dominate the entire planet. You and your guns are the only hope.

Shooting Games - DOOM

15- PUBG

100 people jumping out of an airplane on a deserted island. All collecting equipment and staying alive for the grand prize. A chicken dinner. Speaking like that, it does not look like much, but PUBG is a very fun game, can be played alone or in a team of up to 4 people!

Shooting Games - PUBG

14- Dying Light

Did someone say Parkour ?! I do not think so, but Dying light has lots of parkour, zombies and guns for your joy! Your worst enemy is not the zombies, it’s the night. The moment the sun goes away, the real adventure begins. The living dead become much more aggressive and bloodthirsty, so be careful!

Shooting Games - Dying Light

13- Far Cry 5

A lot of people remember Far Cry directly when they talk about shooting games, and it’s for good reason. You must fight against the cult of Joseph Seed and against the nature of Hope county . With enhanced stealth mechanics and a freedom to perform missions the way you want, Far Cry 5 deserves a place on any list of shooting games.

Shooting Games - Far Cry 5

12- CS: GO

Possibly one of the only wonders that has stayed alive since the days of Lan Houses , CS: GO has improved Time Versus Time’s mechanics of the classic Counter-Strike and turned the title into something great! A great choice for casual or competitive players, CS: GO could not be left out.

Shooting Games - CS: GO

11- Overwatch

Blizzard’s bet to enter the field of shooting games was Overwatch , and it was a very successful bet! A game full of characters with unique abilities and gameplay and various game modes, it has a very strong competitive landscape, especially in the team composition section, as each member has a specific role in this quest for victory.

Shooting Games - Overwatch

10- Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is one of the online shooting games that is present on the scene for longer, with numerous positive qualifications and a very simple but fun gameplay. Each character has a function within the team, and the type of game chosen can always change those functions. Since the game is free, gather your friends now to play!

Shooting Games - Team Fortress 2

9- Battlefield V

The Battlefield franchise treats real combat with such fidelity that we can say that the titles are not only shooting games, they are “historical war simulators” for the most part. Battlefield V stands in this line, bringing the player to World War II in some of the most devastating battles of that era in which any misstep could result in a dead soldier.

Shooting Games - Battlefield V


4 people. Suicide missions. Fortunes. Shots coming from all sides. This is PAYDAY 2 . A multiplayer coop of up to 4 people in which you assume the role of a criminal and have to perform various types of missions in exchange for a great fortune to improve their equipment and their specialties as villain. Besides being a VERY fun game, it can generate good laughs with your team.

Shooting Games - PAYDAY 2

7- Left 4 Dead 2

Like PAYDAY 2 , Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative multiplayer game of up to 4 players, but here the goal is to survive amidst the onslaught of countless hordes of zombies. The apocalypse has already happened and is knocking at your door! Ah, a tip: DO NOT PROVIDE THE WITCH!

Shooting Games - Left 4 Dead 2

6- Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

America, 1961. The world is dominated by the Nazis. You are BJ Blazkowics , also called Billy the Terrible . You are a member of the resistance and one of the only opportunities to achieve freedom for all human beings. All Nazis are your enemies, and they will not make the game easy for you.

Shooting Games - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

5- Titanfall 2

If shooting games with dozens of weapons, single classes and various types of matches are not enough, how about adding giant robots to the game? Pleasure, Titanfall 2 . Like its predecessor, this title maintains the focus of gameplay in action and multiplayer gameplay. If you like giant robots and lots of action, here’s your game.

Shooting Games - Titanfall 2

4- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the most traditional within the world of shooting games. In recent years, the Black Ops series has stood out in the market, and the fourth title in the series brings new and innovative multiplayer combat modes, as well as zombie mode and blackout mode !

Shooting Games - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

3- Rainbow Six Siege

Tactical combat in close range, lots of bullet rolling through the map and teamwork are the main features of Rainbow Six Siege . If you like shooting games that focus on strategy and the competitive landscape, we highly recommend that you enter the world of this great game that is Rainbow Six Siege!

Shooting Games - Rainbow Six Siege

2- Fortnite

One of the greatest phenomena of the Battle Royale style could not be left out of our list. Fortnite is a game that joins the essence of the great arenas of survival with constructions to keep alive and to be the great winner!

Shooting Games - Fortnite

1- APEX Legends

The last item on our list of shooting games is the new success that has managed to gather a base of millions of players in a few days. APEX Legends is a Battle Royale style game , but focused on teamwork for survival. Besides all, it’s also free, so enjoy!

Shooting Games - APEX Legends

Did we miss any shooting games on our list?

If you knows of some shooting game that was missing from our list, leave us comments and good game play!

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