How important is an institutional website for your company?

In today’s days, when almost all Indians have access to the Internet, the chances of an institutional site being the first contact of your  company  with a future big client is very great. Having an institutional website is not just having one more advertising channel or a business card for your business , having a good institutional website is like having an employee who advertises your company 24 hours a day all year round.

An institutional website is nothing more than a website to give information about a company , such as the location, services, objectives , products or services completed, among others. This is not a site dedicated to selling , but often exposes the company’s products . Institutional sites, for the most part, are simple and clear websites. Institutional sites are already optimized for search engines to find this site more easily, this brings great results . The layout of the website is also very important.


The institutional site needs to be very well thought out and structured, because through it your company can get many customers. Remember: the first impression is always the one that stays!

The layout of the website should be clean, meaning without many useless images or animations that take away the main focus of the site, which are information about the company , product and / or services provided. The colors of the site generally follow the same pattern as the company . If the uniform and logo of the company is blue and red, do not have why the site is yellow and red agree?

In the layout of the institutional site, the images and texts must contain a harmony between them, so the user will feel better seeing a harmonious site. It’s easy to remember that the huge increase in mobile phones, smartphones and tablets with internet access in recent years ” forces ” the websites to have a version that fits these devices, or even an exclusive version for them.


Home  – The home page is the home page of the site. It can contain a convincing and brief presentation , photos and some products of your company .

About the company  – This can be considered the most important page of the site. In it should contain the main information about the company , something like: history, what it does, awards, social works and honors.

Products  – In this page, you can highlight all or only the most important products of the company. On the page, should also contain term of service, installment and how to hire or buy.

Contact  – On the contact page , usually a contact form , along with the physical and virtual address (email), telephone and other means of contact, such as Skype, for example. It is also good to put a small map so that the user can see and trace a route to your company .

Work with us  – This can be a very useful page when you need a new employee . It is only a page with a registration form , where the interested party can register your resume.


The institutional site is the best way for your company to get on the internet. Through it and with the help of social networks, your company can become more and more known. This type of website is a great way to expose your products and services on the internet, increasing your customers and consequently your profits.

Having a website on the Internet has become indispensable for companies of all sizes: large, medium or small. This toolenables you to communicate with your customer about your products and services, presenting their differentials. But do not just have a ‘cute’ website and wait for customers to rain! On the contrary, having a website is just the first step for the company that is ‘crawling’ in the virtual world , it is the beginning of a lot of work for this tool to be used in an intelligent way, that can correspond positively to the time and money invested . “

There are no exact standards or rules for having an institutional website, but their importance is greater every day. Not having a website on the internet is losing business ! Does your company already have an institutional website? Leave your comment and tell us your experience.

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