How to delete a blog (Blogger and WordPress)

Making blogs has become a trend since the mid-2000s. You might also have fun creating a blog using Blogger (when it was still called Blogger) or WordPress.

Perhaps now your old blog is outdated, content is not updated, themes are not updated, plugins and widgets still use the old version. It could be that your blog’s address is too difficult to read so you want to delete it.

Before deleting a blog, you should first check whether your blog still has visitors or not. Is traffic still coming even though you haven’t managed it for a long time? If the answer is no, you can delete the blog calmly because the blog does not bring you profit.

How to delete a blog that I will explain below is specifically for Blogger and

How to delete a blog (Blogger)

Following are the steps to permanently delete your Blogger.

1. Login to Blogger

2. Click Settings> Other

3. After that you will find the display below

How Do I Delete a Blogger Blogspot blog?

4. Before deleting a blog, you should first backup data by selecting the Content Backup menu and save it to your computer.

5. After data backup, you can immediately press the Delete blog button and the display will appear as below.

How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently In 5 Minutes (+ FAQs)

6. If you change your mind, you can do Undelete within 90 days

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger Permanently

7. If you are sure to delete the blog permanently, you can directly choose Delete Permanently

How to delete WordPress

How to delete WordPress is almost the same as Blogger. Below is just a way to delete WordPress version, not or WordPress that has self hosting. Here’s the full way:

1. Log in to

2. Select the Settings menu > General

3. Scroll to the bottom and select Delete your site permanently (Deleting the blog permanently)

How to Delete Your WordPress Blog

4. After that the option will appear to export blog data

How to Completely Delete a WordPress Blog

5. Finish exporting, you can immediately delete the blog by pressing Delete Site

How do I get rid of a WordPress blog?

6. Different from Blogger, WordPress does not provide an option to restore a blog within a certain period of time. So once you delete a blog on WordPress, the blog will disappear permanently.

“It turns out that my blog still has traffic.”

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that if the blog does not bring traffic, it is okay to delete it. Then what if it turns out that the blog you have left for a long time still brings traffic?

Removing a blog is not the only choice. If you feel the content on your blog is still relevant and still brings traffic, you can migrate to your own hosting and use

What is migration? Simply put, migration is transferring old hosting data to new hosting. Maybe you don’t realize when creating a blog, both on Blogger and, actually you also use hosting from the blog provider. In this case Blogger and

However, hosting from Blogger and has many terms and conditions. There are also many limits that are set so you can’t be free to be creative. For example on, you can’t install plugins, install paid themes, and can’t advertise AdSense.

Different if you use You can specify your own hosting needs, use paid themes, install plugins, install AdSense ads, and various other advantages.

Therefore, if you still want to manage your blog with old content with better quality hosting, you can migrate to your own hosting and use


It doesn’t matter if you want to delete a blog that has no traffic at all. However, if your old blog still has traffic, you have two choices. The first choice is to revive it with new hosting, provided you still intend to manage it.

If you really intend to stop managing your blog, you can delete it following the methods above.

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