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How to get Legendary Heroes in AFK Arena

Legendary Heroes in AFK Arena

The legendary heroes are the most complicated to get in the game, but also the best. To get to the first one we have to go a long way, so arm yourself with patience and follow our advice. This is the way to unlock new legendary heroes in AFK Arena in the simplest and fastest way possible.

The Importance Of The Ascension Of Heroes In Afk Arena

As we progress through the game we find that the potential of our champions decreases. Obviously with the advance more power is required. Hence, promoting heroes is basic. We depend on the copies of the same character that we get. We will get the best heroes in AFK ARENA as we progress. In addition to the, always necessary, luck in the summons.

If at any time you get lost in the concepts that we are going to discuss, we advise that you first access the complete AFK ARENA Guide. You can also see the corresponding video.

Operation In The Afk Arena For The Ascension Of Heroes

In the following image you can get a fairly clear idea of ​​how it works. We have made a composition with different heroes. We should bear in mind that in the images where there is no character icon, it means that any one works. Of course, it must be from the same faction to be promoted.

Rarities Of Heroes in Afk Arena

As you can see in the image, of the ascents of the heroes in the AFK ARENA, we see that there are several levels of rarity. Although here we would lack the commons that are not useful.

  • RARE
  • RARE +
  • ELITE +

From here you can upgrade to 5 stars. Each hero level requires an elite + of the same that we want to promote. That is, two more elite copies.

Unlock Legendary Heroes in AFK Arena

Basically you have to learn the process that must be followed in AFK Arena to improve and obtain better heroes. The title uses a combination system, in which we need three rare heroes to get a rare one +, of which we need three rare + to get an epic, of which you need two to get an epic +, of which you need three to finally get an legendary hero in AFK Arena.

That is the only way to obtain our precious hero, and at the moment the only way to obtain them. So you know: get many heroes in AFK Arena and do not forget to combine them to be able to get better and better heroes that can form better teams and that way you can continue advancing and achieving your goals.

We help you get more diamonds in the game (for which you will need increasingly better heroes), and we have also chosen the best heroes of the entire title, those with which you should insist on these combinations until you get them.

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