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How to Sell Heroes in AFK Arena

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What will you find in this article?

We teach you how to sell heroes in AFK Arena so you do not have too many and you can take advantage of the most common ones.

At some point in the game you will realize that you have too many common heroes, the green ones, within the game, and that they will not serve you much. We are going to help you and teach you how to sell heroes in AFK Arena, so you do not have this overpopulation and at least you have some benefit of having these characters of common quality.

How to sell heroes in AFK Arena quickly and easily

What you should do is take a look at your tier list of heroes, and you will see that there is a possibility to remove the heroes you choose. This is the option that indicates that you can sell heroes in AFK Arena . When you do, you will be rewarded with Hero’s Essence, which will be very useful to level up the rest of the heroes with better characteristics and rarity.

You may also get some coins for the store, which will allow you to buy other heroes or objects, so selling to the heroes you do not want becomes a highly recommended task. So you know, once you’ve learned how to sell heroes at AFK Arena, we recommend you do them with all the common oddities you have.

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