“I will be lucky”, what is this Google button for?

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Searching something on Google is something we all have automated. We go to, type what we want to search, press Enter and voila, the search engine gives us all the results we have and for having in the world. It is a simple task and it is, in fact, on which Google’s business model is based. When you search for a term, say “chainsaw”, a string of links appears in which you must find which one you are interested in , and you, with your click, tell Google what is the most important result. Based on that, and hundreds of other factors, Google locates the links in one position or another in the search engine.

The first link that appears in Google results when searching for a term usually gets 50% of the clicks of people who search for that term, so it is likely to think that anyone looking for a thing wants to reach that link. The “I’m going to get lucky” button does just this, saving you the step of having to choose which link you want to click on the search results and take you directly to the one that appears first in the list .

This is interesting for the user, who comes to the publication that more people consider more useful without having to search for it himself, but it is not so much for Google. The Big G makes money from advertising, and a good part of it comes from ads in search results . If you are looking for a term, we will continue with “chainsaw”, the superior results are usually sponsored links for which a company has paid – you can see that it puts “Ad” next to it. This is what is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Marketing).

When a person presses the “I’m going to get lucky” button , the search process is skipped as such , so you don’t see the ads that appear in the search results. We do not have recent figures for you to see more perspective, but to give you an idea in 2006, this button, which only used it 1% of Google users, you supposed to Google losses of 110 million dollars a year . This is in 2006, when Digital Marketing was still not fashionable, so imagine how the figure has to be right now.

So now you know. The “I’m going to be lucky” button does serve something and can save you more of a headache when looking for information. It is really useful for doing jobs and finding official information, so try it and tell us what you think.

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