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Idle Heroes Secret Tips Guide for Passing

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What will you find in this article?

Today we look at a game that is gaining momentum in popularity – Idle Heroes Guide, also here you will find secrets, tips on passing a toy.

Incredible story and vivid battles. Creating guilds, great battles, various heroes and passing levels. A strategy that will definitely enthrall you for a single day. It is also possible to play on the network, so feel free to take friends in your campaign. Get the title of the strongest player and create the most powerful clan. Intrigued? Then proceed to the main point.

Idle Heroes Secret Tips

I will reveal to you all the secrets that you must consider when creating your team Idle Heroes. There are many aspects to consider, they may not be obvious or well known, so review each of the points below to make sure your team is the best.

  1. Build monsters against each other, for this you need the best players. To select them, see their rating of stars. For example, in a game there are many assassins with five stars, but not all of them are equal, since some have unique powers that are more useful than others.
  2. Explore player skills. You can easily get information about the player by looking at the statistics of HP, armor, speed, etc. This is the easiest way to compare two types.
  3. An example beyond ability is Faceless – the killer for the enemies of the back line, with his health will not be scary when they cause great damage.
  4. It is desirable to have at least one warrior for most damage.
  5. In the first place is better to put the tank, then the barbers.
  6. The first goal of a novice should be to assemble a team of six natural five-star ones. A natural level 5 type that does not have a 4-star shape, it exists only five higher. They are always stronger than four stellar ones, have higher basic statistics and, as a rule, have better abilities. If you have less than six natural levels out of 5, always replace the 4 stars in your team to get a new dude with five stars.
  7. Join the guild and start participating in the Guild Wars and the Guild Raids to earn Guild Coins. Guild Coins are used to purchase certain types of 5 rewards and upgrades through the Guild Tech. Start earning Guild coins as soon as possible.
  8. How to get 5 star assassins? Some can be obtained through the “Basic” and “Friendly Appeal”, also through the Balls of the Prophet on the Prophet’s Tree. All of them (with the exception of the Dark and Light factions) are obtained by replacing the Prophet.Lutz, Dragonslayer, Fat Mu and Mirage through casino gambling. OD-01, Balrog, Eddga and Kharma acquiring with the help of coins. Many were obtained during the campaign or by beating certain levels in the Tower of Oblivion and getting fragments. Dominator, Gerke and Dark Arthindol – having received VIP-levels. completing 100 heroic calls. You get 50 5-star shards for a specific hero every 30 days for your entry bonus. The first 30 days are Starlight, then Lutz, then Mirage.
  9. Download and save all the heroic call scrolls, casino chips and Arena tickets. All of them are used to complete weekly events, and you often need several hundred of them to earn the best prizes.
  10. What 4 stars beat enemies to 5/6 stars? Aleria, Norma, Thale and Bonecarver are great 4-star killers that do well with 5 stars and up. Norma (as a tank) and Bonecarver (DPS) especially bring your team very far in the early game and help you advance if you can upgrade them. Aleria is useful at an early stage for marauders and guild bosses due to damage reduction during an attack. Thale is an amazing early game healer if you don’t have access to Ormus.
  11. Is it necessary to update the dude to 6 stars? If you only have 5 star tipchiki, updating almost anyone to 6 will give you a good power boost. If you upgrade bad 6 levels, it’s still possible to use them as feed for better later, so sometimes it’s better to upgrade to help you advance and then use them as feed for the final game. Later in the game it is better to be careful who you take to 6 and who you use as feed.
  12. Do I need to feed a hero? The only ones you can use as feed are those that are not the top tier or useful end game. As a rule, you should try to use only fused 5-star as feed and contain the most natural five stars. There are exceptions, such as Baade, Fat Mu, Gusta, Harma and others, are extremely common and also terrible monsters that can be safely used as food.
  13.   What to sacrifice on the Altar? Sacrifice all the weaklings of 1 and 2 stars immediately; they currently play absolutely no goal in the game.
  14. Do I have to spend money daily to complete my daily quests? All daily quests must be completed every day, except for the Heroic Summon quest. To complete all daily quests, you need to spend 2 casino names and 1 ticket at Arena (the first 2 fights are free every day), and after you complete other quests you will receive prizes.
  15. How to pass the level in the Tower of Oblivion? If you can’t complete the level of the tower, all you need to do is wait until you can upgrade your heroes to a higher level of the star. For example, if you can only kill 2 of the 6 enemies at the Tower level, it’s very likely that no team changes or items will help you, just be patient and upgrade your heroes, and then return in a week or two.
  16. Is it possible to take possession of the type of the orcs of the Prophet? All players can be obtained through the call of the Prophet Orb, even such as Eddga and Flamestrik.
  17. All participants can be obtained using the replacement of the Prophet, with the exception of the heroes of “Light” and “Dark”, they can not be selected for replacement. As a rule, it is not recommended to use a replacement on anything other than the 5-star hero.
  18. What to spend the balls of the Prophet? In general, it is not necessary to spend balls on Light and Dark Challenge. They are very difficult to upgrade, and the chances of getting them are incredibly small. The best chance to get decent ones is a fortress and a forest fraction because of their high concentration of powerful strongmen.
  19. What should I spend my gems for? In addition to the items in the Marketplace mentioned above, the best value for your gems is refreshing Tavern quests.

That’s the whole Idle Heroes guide and secrets that I wanted to convey today, I hope that they turned out to be useful to you. You can checkout Idle Heroes Tier List here.

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