Infrastructure for WordPress in Small Businesses. You know what it is?

In general smaller companies usually have two basic needs: website hosting and email service. How to choose the best for your business?

Server infrastructure is usually structured in large enterprises.

However, it should be considered in small businesses as well.

In general, smaller companies have two basic needs: website hosting and e-mail service.

This is not a wrong reasoning, since site, e-mail and social networks are the channels most used for the conquest of new clients, maintenance of the current and care.

But you have to keep an eye on another detail, just as important.

The best value for money for small businesses

When funding is low, you need to use resources wisely.

Technical issues are often neglected, mostly because of lack of knowledge.

The good side of all this is that it is also possible to outsource technical knowledge.

About Website Hosting

infrastructure for wordpress servers


As small businesses do not have an infrastructure team, it is advisable to hire managed hosting for WordPress.

With this type of solution, the entrepreneur focuses on your business and leaves the company behind the service if you look at the technical issues, which are diverse:

  • Operating system update;
  • Updating of various software;
  • WordPress Update;
  • Update of the plugins and themes in use;
  • Monitoring and review of safety and
  • Availability monitoring.

There are several types of hosting, each with its differential.

It is important to align the need of your business with the solution offered and make the choice.

About the email solution

infrastructure for wordpress email


Email is an essential medium of communication in small and large businesses.

Powerful email services such as Google’s G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and countless other simpler solutions that meet different needs.

These services of large companies require a greater investment, the collection is considered monthly for each e-mail created.

Website hosting services, for the most part, provide junk mail which helps in cost reduction.

About social media

Although it has no direct relationship with WordPress infra, its social presence will impact its server infrastructure.

A consistent presence will generate more traffic to your site, consequently, more e-mails will arrive in your inbox.

Considering a social performance in different networks needs to be in line with good web site hosting and email service.


The entrepreneur behind a small business needs to channel energy into their business.

The challenge of undertaking is great and problems with issues not tied to the business can be outsourced.

With the options in the market are diverse, try to know the differentials of each one and opt for the one that will offer the best cost-benefit for your business.

Nestify, for example, is a managed hosting service for WordPress with plans for small and large businesses.

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