Instagram Shadowban: what is it and how to avoid it

Instagram shadow ban: what is it and how to avoid it

It is not known whether there really is a shadowban, but these tips will definitely benefit.

Entrepreneurs on Instagram face a huge amount of difficulties, but most of all they are afraid to get into the ban. And this is not surprising, because hardly anyone would want to spend a huge amount of strength and energy on creating and maintaining an Instagram profile for nothing.

Instagram punishes users for violating the rules established by the platform in a variety of ways: from a lifetime ban to a temporary lock or a “shadowban”. The term “shadowban” has made a lot of noise in SMM circles recently and is today one of the most discussed and mysterious phenomena in social networks.

Shadowban means the disappearance of certain hashtags or individual posts from an Instagram search.

For example, a user publishes a photo with the hashtag #fashion, but other users do not see this post in the hashtags feed, and the author of the publication does not receive any notification about this. Bloggers who hit the flywheel of the shadowban can continue to post photos and perform standard actions, but their posts will not be visible.

Instagram developers themselves have never stated that they practice shadowban on their platform, and have not published a word about this measure of punishment for users on their official tech support page. Thus, the shadowban was and remains a rather controversial and mysterious phenomenon, based only on the rumors and personal experience of individual users.

We have prepared some tips for you that will help you avoid getting into a shadowban.

Avoid the bots

Instagram supports the creation of unique copyrighted content and is absolutely not tolerant of the use of automated user actions on its platform, as well as artificially received subscribers, likes and comments. In 2017, Instagram began to actively struggle with the cheating of subscribers and close the services of mass follow.

Instagram began to actively fight with cheating subscribers

Opinion leaders and small business owners by any means try to catch as many users as possible among their subscribers, the number of which can reach several thousand or even millions, believing that due to this their accounts will look more profitable and will quickly achieve a competitive advantage. However, this method will not bring real benefits to owners of Instagram accounts and “live” customers.

Fake growing bot farms and using dubious apps to buy followers or share likes and subscriptions can undermine your brand’s reputation and you’ll end up in a shadowban.

Remember that a hundred thousandth audience will eventually turn into empty, useless numbers for your account, which are not worth the lost trust of your current and potential customers and colleagues.

More useful and safer actions for your business account will be the creation of unique content, the search for instagrammers with similar interests and interaction with them, campaigning, cooperation with opinion leaders and so on.

Limits and limitations of Instagram – a purely individual thing

Surely, every active installer has at least once made a desperate useless attempt to google the limits and restrictions of user actions on Instagram, relying on information found from unofficial sources.

You should know that

there’s simply no official data on user action limits on Instagram,

and all numerical indicators taken from a huge number of articles refer to the personal experience of other users and have little to do with reality.

Limits and limitations of Instagram

Activity limits are determined exclusively individually and depend on such factors as the date of account registration, the number of subscribers, average indicators of user activity, and so on.

You should not rely on the experience of authors of articles that allegedly contain reliable data.

You can try to independently determine the limits of user activity by starting to endlessly like posts and subscribe to a huge number of users in a row, however this method is also not the safest, since such a suspiciously sudden surge of activity can play against you and lead to undesirable consequences.

In order to avoid such troubles, try to develop your own action strategy on the Instagram platform. Pay attention to the number of your subscriptions and how many likes and comments you leave daily and hourly, and then increase the rate of your activity every week. So you will have an approximate idea of ​​the individual activity limits that you should adhere to in order not to fall into the Instagram shadowban.

Another way that does not require wasting time on developing a strategy and monitoring activity is to interact with other platform users using our Combin application , created specifically for the organic development of Instagram account.

The application is tied to your IP-address and works within individual activity limits. Combin interrupts the process of likeing, following, enfollowing and commenting immediately after the permissible activity limits have been reached, and the application has ceased to receive permission to perform user actions from Instagram. This prevents the account from getting into the shadowban.

Be careful with hashtags.

Some hashtags that were often used for posts that are prohibited and inappropriate content violate the rules for using the Instagram platform and, accordingly, become prohibited.

At the same time, along with obvious hashtags that demonstrate pornography, violence, cruelty or any other provocative things, there are absolutely, at first glance, harmless ones. So, you can use #woman or #fashion to publish in a business account that represents your clothing brand, completely unaware that such hashtags will not only not bring readers to your posts, but also put your account at risk of being banned.

Banned hashtags do not appear in search results and automatically make posts with them invisible to other users.

However, every day Instagram sends more and more to the ban.

List of hashtags that should not be used in publications

You can protect your publications from unwanted hashtags by using combinations from the #womanfashion or #womanfashionstyle series and avoiding abstract words that can mean or be used for prohibited content.

Do not use more than two popular high-ranking hashtags.

Since among the publications with similar hashtags there is a huge amount of spam, which puts them at risk of a ban.

The real benefit to your account will be the use of different groups of hashtags that are directly related to the content of the publication, since repeated and not relevant hashtags will soon lead your Instagram profile to block.

What to do if your account has already been banned

Today we can see how Instagram seems to have begun to show indulgence to the “delinquent” users, giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

Now, when you contact the technical support service, the ban is removed from the “affected” accounts. In order to report or complain about a lock, you must do the following.

1. Go to the page of the Instagram help center and select “It seems to me that my Instagram account has been hacked” in the list of possible problems, then click on “Report”.

2. Fill out the form provided.

3. Attach a scan of an identity card or any other document proving the state registration of a legal entity to confirm your relationship with the company or the specified account.

4. Submit the form.

Make sure that the email address you specify matches the one you provided when registering your account. After sending the application, you will automatically receive an e-mail message in response to which you need to describe the problem in detail. As soon as your account is unlocked, you will also receive a confirmation email in a few days.

We hope that our recommendations have been useful to you, and wish you good luck in your Instagram career. Keep your account clean!

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