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Jaehee Kang Route in Mystic Messenger – Guide and Tips

Jaehee Kang Route in Mystic Messenger

We give you several tips to get the best Jaehee Kang Route in Mystic Messenger.

Getting Jaehee Kang’s route in Mystic Messenger is not complicated if you know how. Jaehee is the shy but fabulous girl of the game and precisely for that reason there are a lot of people interested in getting to make the route with her and reach her precious heart. But Jaehee can be a bit difficult if you propose it: it is a lonely and somewhat sad soul with which you must first gain your trust to really see its interior. Are you ready? Well, let’s go there.

Jaehee Kang Route in Mystic Messenger – General advice for your route

The first thing you need to know is how to behave in general with Jaehee. It is essential therefore that you always encourage and support her in everything she does. It is also good that you are a little Zen fangirl, but do not go with him or flirt with him or you will only get gray hearts and broken yellow hearts. In moderation is the key! If you like the Zen route so much, you might want to change to that one.

Defend her against Jumin when he attacks her. And of course, of course, it seeks to get many hearts from Jaehee and very few from the rest of the guys. Also keep in mind that there are two guys that you have to avoid by all means: Zen and Joosung. Getting hearts from them will forever break your relationship with Jaehee Kang.

Jaehee Kang’s Route in Mystic Messenger – Tips to get the good ending.

For days 5 and 6 you have to keep in mind the following tips. When she says she does not want to go to work, do not force her and go on a date. You should encourage and support her always and even if you flirt with Zen a little bit, you can not miss it either or you will be left without Jaehee’s hearts. You should also let it be she who visits Zen, not you.

Finally, to get the good end of the first story and thus unlock some images from the gallery, do not invite longcat or genfanclub. This will not immediately lead you to the bad end, but it will give you many broken yellow hearts.

To get the good ending 2 (going from days 6 to 8), you must not force Jaehee back to work. You must defend it in front of Jumin and encourage her to pursue her passion. It seems contradictory, but it is so.

Jaehee Kang’s Route in Mystic Messenger – Get the good end in the rest of the days

To get the good ending 3, which goes from days 8 to 10, you should follow the advice above. Also, you should not say anything about wanting to be Jumin’s new assistant or how much you want to work for him. This will unlock that ending and therefore will open the possibilities of getting that photo from the gallery.

Finally, the way to get the good end of the relationship will force you to have at least 50% for each day.

Jaehee Kang’s Route in Mystic Messenger – Gow to get bad ends

To get the final bad 1 you have to participate in chat rooms from day 1 to 47%, from day 2 to 54%, from day 3 to 54%; from day 4 to 58% and from day 5 to 7 in NO CHAT. That is, these last days you must be completely out of the chat.

Essentially what you have to do is not get all your hearts. With that you get 70% of the hearts of Jaehee in the chat room if he is online then it arrives. You can get other hearts but make sure you get more yellow hearts.

Jaehee Kang’s Route in Mystic Messenger – how to get the final bad 2

It is quite easy. You have to participate in days 1 to 47%, from day 2 to 54%, from day 3 to 54%; from day 4 to 58%; from day 5 you participate up to 45%, from day 6 to 50% and from day 7 to 10 you do not have to participate in any of the ways. If you do not know the schedules well, we recommend that you take a look at our Mystic Messenger guide.

Do not get all your hearts. With 70% it arrives and you have plenty. Remember that although you can get other hearts, the ideal is to get more oranges and browns.

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