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Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger – Guide and Tips

Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger

We bring you a guide and tips to Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger!

Do not miss! Getting all the pictures is possible if you finish the route of Jumin Han in Mystic Messenger in different ways. If you are a complete fan of Jumin Han then you will most likely want to know everything about him: both his good sides and his sweet side. For that there is nothing better than following a written route in advance to know what you should do in each of the cases.

Are you ready? Well, let’s go there.

Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger – General tips for getting the route

These tips can be applied to more than one day. We remind you that Jumin Han is only available in Deep Story mode. In order to achieve this, you have to do the exact opposite of what you did with Jaehee Kang, that is, you have to oversaturate her with a lot of work and love Elisabeth 3rd and Jumin’s fantasies with her cats.

For the rest, it is quite easy to end good with him: it is essential that you agree to everything he says and that you defend him in front of Zen. Listen and be understanding with all his problems and reconfote him so that everything goes well. Get a lot of hearts from Jumin Han and avoid the rest of the characters, but especially those from 707.

Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger – Tips to avoid bad endings

Avoid the final evil on days 5-7

To avoid getting the final bad 1, the relative to days 5-7 have to avoid acting as a climber interested only in money or social status of people. In spite of this, you must be elegant, have class and always think with logic.

Do not act as if you were his lover or his future wife, he does not like it. And you should also worry about their feelings but not overreacting. This will help you to get a better ending.

Avoid the final evil on days 7-8:

Follow the same advice as in days 5-7 but it is also very important that you do not act as an obsessed for the love of Jumin. Keep it casual, okay? Keep in mind that for Jumin Elisabeth and her work they will always be more important than you, but in spite of that, do not act as if you were Elisabeth’s second dish (her alternative to her cat, come on).


Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger – Tips for the best ending

To avoid the bad end of days 8-10:

The bad end of days 8-10 can be avoided in a very simple way. Just do not let yourself panic and always trust Jumin. He loves you and respects you. Do not be too impatient about going home and keep in mind that for him it is essential to find Elisabeth. Of course, in the moment of truth you will have to remember him kindly (and we stress the kindness) that you have to go home to go to the party.

Avoid the final bad of the relationship 1 & 2 (days 7 to 10)

To avoid having a bad ending you have to get at least 50% of the hearts each day.

Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger – How to get the final bad

If instead you want to get bad end to unlock all the images in the gallery then you have to do the following:

Participate in the chats of:

  • Day 1 (35%): 07:00, 08:00, 12:50, 18:02, 19:40, 23:15
  • Day 2 (45%): 02:11, 06: 55,11: 50, 18:10, 22:00
  • Day 3 (45%): 07:46, 09:58, 12:02, 15:15, 20:01
  • Day 4 (45%): 08:45, 15:15, 17:07, 20:02, 23:15
  • Day 5-7 (0%): NONE

In general, try to avoid getting all your hearts. Get only 70% of Jumin’s hearts in the chat room if he and his hearts are available.

You can get other hearts of characters but make sure that most are purple.

Jumin Han Route in Mystic Messenger – Get the final bad 2

You will have to participate in the following chats:

  • Day 1-4: Same as for the previous
  • Day 5 (63%): 08:12, 10:30, 13:40, 17:16, 19:00, 20:55, 22:59
  • Day 6 (45%): 08:30, 10:01, 12:22, 16:12, 20:44
  • Day 7 (9%): 02:03
  • Day 8-10 (0%): NONE

Also, usually focus on not getting all your hearts. Get only 70% of Jumin’s hearts if you are online or if your hearts are available. You can get other hearts but make sure that the majority are purple.

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