June’s Journey Tricks – Guide and Tips for Mysteries and Hidden Objects

June's Journey

With these June’s Journey tricks you will find all the clues and solve all the mysteries of the adventure!

Mystery-solving games are something that your audience always has, especially when games like those in the Layton saga launch a new installment. With the premiere of Katrielle on Nintendo 3DS, many others free for iOS and Android make an appearance. Today we review one of them, welcome to the tricks of June´s Journey.

In this adventure we have to solve cases by inspecting different scenarios to find all the evidence. It is not something that is done in a jiffy, not at least with the most advanced tests of the game, and that is why we believe that a few June’s Journey tricks can come in handy so as not to waste your resources. Let’s go there

June’s Journey tricks for newbies

We started the tricks of June’s Journey with one of the most basic tips: check all the stage decoration. Even if you think you have reviewed everything, swipe your finger through each of the places you think you have inspected to make sure you do not leave without leaving anything and look, especially, at the details that clash with the stage.

On many occasions you will find strange objects that may be useful for you in the next round. There will be levels that you will play more than once and, for that same reason, it is important that you memorize your steps because it will not be the only time you have to reproduce them. The tracks are repeated, and the best of June’s Journey’s tricks is to memorize them.

It is also important to memorize the rooms you visit at the beginning, because later they will reappear with some items that you did not find then. Look closely at each element that separates because it will be key to solving all the mysteries of the game. We continue with other June’s Journey tricks that may come in handy.

June’s Journey tricks – Take advantage of the clues

On more than one occasion you will have to review all the information you have to find the solution to each case. June’s Journey is a demanding game in which we recommend that you pause to refresh your mind and eyes, but if you do not get it, we will bring you one of the most useful June’s Journey tricks to keep going.

In the case of getting stuck at some point of the adventure, you can use the tricks of June’s Journey in the form of a clue that the game offers. They are suggestions that you can use from time to time and that are replenished, so we recommend that you book them only for when you don’t know what the hell to do.

Finally, do not neglect the reward boxes that you will get by completing each of the mysteries, where you will get interesting prizes that may be useful later. One of the most quoted is energy, so don’t open them until you’re having a bad time with it. And with this we conclude the tricks for the game.

June’s Journey Tricks – Summary

In short, be very observant, inspect every little corner of the stage and turn to the clues only when you fail to solve each mystery, even if you have made several pauses. Finally, one of the best tricks of June’s Journey is to reserve the gift boxes for when the energy is low.

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