Life is Strange 2 Video Game: Guide And Tips To Make The Best Decisions

Life is Strange 2 Video Game

Life is Strange 2 Video Game has just been announced and we bring you the guide so you can make the best decisions!

We bring you the best Life is Strange decision guide. With the prequel to Life is Strange 2 announced, many of you will want to replay this wonder or even get into it for the first time. That is precisely why our decision guide will come in handy, although we warn you that, of course, this article contains spoilers.

Life is Strange is a graphic adventure from Dontnod Entertainment developed for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One, PlaySation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. He tells us about Max’s life: a young student who returns to the town where he grew up to begin his training as a photographer. Max does not fit in the institute where she is the bait of the most popular girl of all (Victoria) and where she feels apart and belittled.

The decisions you make will directly affect the game. Choose the best with our Life is Strange guide

But his life will change brutally when, while in the girls’ bathroom, he attends how a student named Nathan shoots a young woman directly in the chest. Desperate, think about what you could do to avoid this catastrophe at the moment when time is going backwards. Suddenly Max discovers that the girl he saved is Chloe, her childhood friend, who is involved in very murky affairs.

Every decision you make as Max Caufield will radically change history. Sometimes you can go back to the past to fix things and other times you will find that destiny cannot be changed. Anyway, your decisions are affecting the world and it seems that a storm could destroy all Arcadia Bay.

Life is Strange Guide – Episode 1

The first big decision you should make in Life is Strange involves Nathan Prescotts with his gun. You can either report Nathan or hide the gun. If you report Nathan to the director, he will not believe you but will begin an investigation that will lead to the following changes:

  • In episode 1 director Wells calls Nathan to his office when Max leaves the building. The option of Max telling Luke Parker about Nathan’s situation with the gun is unlocked. Nathan gets angry at Max and swears revenge and Chloe wishes he had never sneaked.
  • In episode 2 Nathan paints Max’s room and threatens his life. Nathan’s father sends him an SMS threatening her. Max can tell Warren what happened to Nathan. Neither Professor Jefferson nor the principal will believe Nathan and he will be aggressive with Max. If at the end of episode 2 you accuse Nathan he will be expelled from school. In addition, they will expel Max if he blames David, has no proof and says that Chloe’s joint is his.
  • In episode 4 Wells sends Nathan an email apologizing for Max’s accusation and Nathan will have a selfie in his possession that he stole from Max’s room.

Life is Strange guide – accuse Nathan or not, that’s the point.

If you don’t report Nathan and shut up what happened, then the following will happen:

  • In episode 1 the director doesn’t call Nathan but he’s intimidating Max in the same way.
  • In episode 2 Max only receives one sms but not painted. Still, he can get Nathan expelled if he accuses him at the end of episode 2 and she didn’t blame Chloe’s joint for her (but they’ll expel Max if he said the joint was his)

Life is Strange Guide – Episode 1, Victoria on the stairs.

The second big decision is about Victoria. We can decide to comfort her by covering herself with paint or not when she is on the stairs. If we laugh at Victoria this will upload the photo of Max to Facebook and Max can ask Warren to take a photo of Victoria to counterattack. In episode 2 Victoria makes a meme of Max’s photo, enters her room and destroys everything looking for her photograph. In episode 3 Victoria’s photo will be in Victoria’s room. In episode 4 Victoria will not believe you if you warn her of the dark room and in episode 5 Mr. Jefferson will not kidnap her or kill her.

If instead you decide to comfort Victoria , this will not upload your photo to Facebook, so there will not be a war between the two. At the same time, in episode 4 victory can come to believe you about the dark room and therefore in episode 5 Victoria will be kidnapped and potentially killed by Mr. Jefferson.

Life is Strange Guide – Episode 1, Kate and David

If Max takes a picture of the confrontation between Kate and David, Kate will be upset with Max but at least we will have proof that David was bothering Kate. If you take the photo Max will regret not helping Kate and even on top of this she will send an SMS telling her that she is a bad friend. In addition Chloe will use the photo in a fight against David. In episode 2 Kate will face Max several times and you will also have four options to tell her when she is on the roof, three of which will make her commit suicide.

If you decide to go out in Kate’s defense, then Kate will be happy with Max and Chloe won’t be able to use the photo as an argument against her stepfather. In episode 2 you will be given two options to save Kate and neither will bother her. In addition, David will not be expelled if Max blames him in the principal’s office and it will be Max who ends up in the street if he blames David, blames Nathan and blames Chloe’s joint.

Life is Strange Guide – Episode 1, Chloe’s joint

There are several options regarding Chloe’s joint. If you blame it, Chloe will be very angry and will not love you so much, she will change her wallpaper and block her love relationship. If you blame yourself you may end up expelled but you and Chloe will have a great idyll.

You can also remain hidden which will ensure that you are not expelled from Blackwell, but Chloe will not feel so attached to you. And finally you can stand up to David, which can cause you to be kicked out of Blackwell if you then accuse David without proof or Nathan and will also make Chloe more likely to start a love relationship with you.

Life is Strange Guide – How to Save Kate

If we decide to intervene against David in the camera episode, then we will have two options to tell Kate: “Things are going to improve” and “You matter and not just me.” Either option will make Kate decide not to kill herself. If instead you took the picture, the only option that would be worth it was “I was scared” if you don’t want me to jump and die.

If we did not pick up the phone at the time, the only possible option to answer it is “I was in silent mode”. If instead we picked up the phone we have to say “you’re my friend” and “I’m here for you.” Also, if we advise Kate to go to the police we will have to tell her “nathan is involved” and “you got high.” But if we ask you to wait for more tests, the only one that will be worth it is “I’m looking for more tests.”

Life is Strange Guide – How to save Kate, part two

When Kate tells us that her video has gone viral we have to answer “be strong” because the rest will make her take her life. Also, when she tells us that there is no one to worry about her right now, we have to tell her “your sisters” always. Under no circumstances should we tell you your brothers or your mother.

If we were wrong in any response Kate will go to the edge to jump. Then he will give us three options: “Suicide is a sin”, “proverbs 11:28” or “Matthew 21:15. Be that as it may, we have to choose Matthew’s phrase or he will jump and be killed. If we want to save Kate, we will have You follow these steps from our Life is Strange guide.

Life is Strange Guide – Practicing Chloe Euthanasia

In episode four we will arrive at an alternative life in which Chloe’s father is alive but she has had a traffic accident and has remained tetraplegic. Chloe asks us to practice euthanasia. If we accept, Chloe will die with a smile but we will have nightmares with Chloe’s mother, Joyce.

If on the contrary we refuse, Chloe will be terribly angry with us. We will return to our alternative reality but we will have nightmares with Chloe’s mother, Joyce, throwing ourselves in the face that we have abandoned that reality to leave her alone with her suffering.

Guide for Life is Strange – Kill Frank

There are several possible endings of this decision in episode 04. If Chloe kills Pompidou and then Frank, Chloe will take the code from Frank’s notebook and probably David’s gun. Then in episode 4 how Chloe is traumatized does not help Max with the investigation. Chloe also fantasy with the idea of ​​going to surrender to the police. Also, in Max’s nightmare of episode 5 Frank will face Max.

If Chloe only hurts Frank in the leg, he will get the code and probably David’s gun, but he will be focused and help with the investigation. If Chloe doesn’t hurt anyone, Frank will decide to trust them and give them David’s code and gun himself, and in addition to episode 5 he will be completely alive in the restaurant.

Life is Strange Guide – Warn Victoria of the Dark Room

While we look for Nathan in the Vortex club party scene, we can go talk to Victoria about our suspicions. If we get Victoria to believe us about Nathan (we should have comforted her in episode 1 and not reveal that it was our fault about the painter) then Victoria will end up drugged and in the dark room with Max, where Mr. Jefferson will kill her.

If we laugh at Victoria’s misfortune in episode 1 or reveal that it was us in the painting, Victoria will not believe us at all and therefore Mr. Jeffeson will not take her away and kill her in the dark room.

Life is Strange guide – the end: sacrifice Chloe

If you sacrifice Chloe but you have been a great friend with her (you blamed yourself for the joint, you were always by her side, etc). Then you will share a passionate kiss on the hill. If it’s not like that or you kissed Warren, then you’ll just give yourself a long hug. Then, they will change the photographs of Max’s diary showing how she died in Nathan’s shot and how they arrested Mr. and Jefferson.

Kate will not have attempted suicide. The kinematics of the end shows Max dressed in black at Chloe’s funeral surrounded by Joyce, David, Kate, Warren, Victoria, Dana, Justin and Trevor. A blue butterfly perches on Chloe’s coffin and at that moment Max smiles.

Life is Strange guide – the end: sacrificing the people

If they decide to sacrifice the town, Max and Chloe hold hands on the hill. The photographs will not change. At the end of the day, Max and Chloe are shown in a cinematic, leaving the city by car. Max looks at Chloe and smiles to always be together.

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