List of Most Ambitious Google Products, Services, and Tools

List of Google Projects and Google Services

In addition to web search, Google offers many products, services and tools for various needs. Also, Google is the author of many scientific, educational and cultural projects.

Most of them are web applications that require the user only to have a browser in which they work and an Internet connection. This allows you to use data anywhere in the world and not be tied to one computer. Only some of the services need to install additional programs (Flash player or client for instant messaging), in addition, for comfortable operation you need a high-speed connection (from 512 KB / s for Google Video , from 256 KB / s for Google Earth ).

The main advantage of Google services is that they are all combined and held on the same account – a Google account. So, you only need to register once to be able to use personalized web search, email, cloud storage, a social network and much more. Sites comparable to Google in terms of the number of services are few.

Also, Google bought many Internet services: YouTube , Picasa , Blogger , Panoramio , introduced a rule of forced registration on its social network Google+ to create a channel on YouTube . Such a policy of Google causes great criticism on the Internet and is undoubtedly similar to the policy of Microsoft , seeking to gain a monopoly position in the market.

In 2019, Cody Ogden created a digital cemetery of old products by Killed By Google, which lists all discontinued hardware solutions, as well as closed services of the search giant.

List of Google Products and Internet Services

Service name Description Status The address
Google search The largest internet search engine . Google core product active
YouTube Most Popular Video Hosting active
Gmail Email active
Google maps Cartographic system active
Google drive Cloud data storage active
Google+ Social network discontinued
Google play App store active  (link not available)
Google news News portal active
Google hangouts Instant Messaging ( Chat ) Video and Voice active
Google translate Translation of words, texts, phrases, web pages active
Google photos Editing, storing and publishing photos . Photos are stored on disk active
Google books Book Library Search active
Google docs Relatively simple editors of texts , presentations , diagrams and spreadsheets, respectively active
Blogger Blogging platform active
Google moon Moon Cards active
Google mars Mars Maps active
Google custom search A service that allows web developers to integrate Google search into their web applications active
Google earth Geographic Information System with photos active
Google Maps API Service that allows you to embed maps on external sites using JavaScript active  (inaccessible link)
Google alert Tracking the appearance on the Internet of information on a topic of interest active
Google calendar Online service for scheduling appointments, events and calendar- related affairs active  (link not available)
Google answers Service for collective answers to emerging questions read only
Google bookmarks Sync and organize bookmarks active
Google keep Service for creating and storing notes active
Google groups Creating Online Communities active
Google sites Creation and hosting of Internet sites with many additional features (editing sites with a large number of users based on wiki technology, using other services, etc.) active
Google cloud print The technology with which the printer connects to the Internet, which allows a number of users to print documents remotely active
Google finance Site- aggregator market data active
Google trends Search query statistics active
Google correlate A service that allows you to find out what requests are often made along with a given active
Google analytics Detailed website traffic statistics  active
Google ngram viewer A service that allows you to display statistics on the use of certain words in English, Russian,  German, French, Spanish, Jewish or Chinese literature over a given period of time active
Google adsense A contextual advertising service that allows owners of pages with high traffic to earn. The program automatically delivers text and image ads designed for the website and its contents. active
Google adwords Keywords contextual advertising service active
Google app engine Platform for creating and hosting scalable web applications on Google’s servers active
Google cultural institute Art collections and archival materials from around the world beta
Art project Online art collection. Google Cultural Institute Subproject is open
API.AI AI API interface with which you can configure your IoT devices or bots to recognize text or speech beta
Picasa Storage, editing, publishing photos discontinued, integrated with Google Photos
Panoramio Placement of photos with reference to their geographical coordinates discontinued
Stadia Own streaming service presented on 03/19/2019
Google talk Service for instant messaging and Internet telephony discontinued, replaced by Hangouts
Google wave A site that combines the functions of email, wiki project, social network, instant messaging system discontinued
Google lab Idea incubator for new services designed to test the interface, etc. discontinued

Google Specialized Search

Google search engines allow you to search not only among websites, but also in narrower sources of information.

When Google indexed more HTML pages on the Internet than any other search engine, our engineers turned to other, less accessible sources of information. So there were functions of search by phone numbers, addresses, dictionaries and directories. Then we went even further. And now you can search on Google for news, patents, magazine articles, pictures, books, videos, and more. And this is far from the end! 

Title URL state scope
Google Image Search ( Google Images Related ) working Images
Google Video working search and download videos
Google Flights working flights
Google Blogs working blogs
Google Codes closed source codes
Google Academy (Google Scholar) working scientific articles, publications
Google Shopping (Frogle) working products in online stores

Google Software

  • The Chromium  – Web browser with open source code developed by the Google .
  • Google Chrome  is a browser developed by Google based on the free Chromium browser , equipped with a number of proprietary elements and components responsible for collecting information about the pages visited.
  • Google Dictionary – dictionaries for browsers.
  • Android  is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Many versions and options have been developed.
  • Google Chrome OS  – Google’s Linux-like operating system designed exclusively for web applications.
  • Google TV  is a hardware and software platform for the set-top box and HDTV based on the Android OS .
  • Google Glass  is a headset (or a wearable computer, which is somewhat closer to the device’s functional set) for smartphones based on Android and iOS, developed by Google .
  • Google Fiber  is Google’s high-speed Internet access project.  (inaccessible link) US government sites. Google government search

  • Building Maker  – creating three-dimensional models
  • Public DNS  -Google’s alternate DNS server .
  • Google Apps  is a service for using Google services with your domain.
  • Google Merchant Center (formerly Google Base) – allows content owners to place structured information in a repository, automatically gaining the ability to search for this information.
  • Google Checkout  is an online payment processing service designed to simplify the process of paying for online purchases.
  • Google Public Data Explorer  – public data and forecasts from a number of international organizations and scientific institutions.
  • Google Voice  – Voice over VoIP .
  • Google Webmasters  – tools for webmasters.

Google Special Search

  • Hackser Style Google – Leet search interface .
  • Special Searches – search on specialized sites ( BSD , Linux , Mac OS X and Microsoft ).
  • Movie Showtimes – movie poster.
  • Google Patents Search  – search by patent among over 7 million available in the database.
  • Google SSL – Secure Search from Google. Communication between the user and the server is carried out via an encrypted channel, which excludes the possibility of interception of user information by third parties. Currently works in Beta mode; no services are available other than Google Search.
  • Google Suggest  is part of Google search, a technology for autocompletion of a search query string based on general statistics of the most popular queries.
  • To Weather google  – google search part, allows to receive a 4-day forecast weather for the cities of the world .
  • Phonebook  is a Google service that allows you to find phone numbers and addresses published in public sources. Search results from the Google address book appear above the rest of the results when you enter certain types of queries (first name, last name, city, etc.).
  • Language Tools  – a tool that allows you to use Google in many different languages.
  • Calculator – a service for calculations, built into the search bar. For example, if you set the search for the string 900 + 600 * 2- (3 + 1) , then the answer will be 2096 , as well as the Internet page where such a string may occur. The service knows a lot of mathematical functions, knows how to respect the priority of operations.
  • Currency converter  – for example, USD 600 to INR  – how much is $600 in Indian rupees.

Google Tools

  • Google Code  is a site for developers interested in developing open source software related to Google products. The site contains source codes and a list of their services with a public API .
  • Project Hosting  – free specialized hosting of GPL- projects and other free projects .
  • Google Pack  is an installation package that combines the packages of a number of Google products ( Google Earth , Picasa , Google Desktop , etc.) and several third-party products ( Mozilla Firefox , Adobe Reader , etc.).
  • Google Deskbar  – Google places search on the desktop.
  • Google Desktop  is a search tool on the user’s computer. The program installs locally and indexes e-mail messages, text documents, Microsoft Office documents, discussions from AOL Instant Messenger , browsing history in a web browser, PDF documents, music files, images, video files.
  • Google Toolbar  is an extension for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which is a panel of the Google search service and performs a number of additional functions.
  • Google Web Accelerator  is a program that speeds up the browser by caching and pre-downloading information that may be of interest to the user. The program uses proxies owned by Google .
  • Freebase  – a large collaborative knowledge base containing metadata collected mainly by the community
  • Google Global Cache – equipment for caching the traffic of Google systems for Internet providers.
  • The Google Search Appliance is a hardware / software solution designed for the corporate Internet network. This device performs periodic viewing and indexing of documents (up to 500,000 documents in the base model) for search on internal or external corporate websites or other resources accessible via the web.
  • The Google Mini is a mini version of the Search Appliance called the Google Mini for small and medium-sized companies. The basic model of the device indexes 100,000 documents. In January 2006, two more models were proposed, for 200,000 and 300,000 documents. In addition, on March 2, 2006, a model for 50,000 documents was announced.

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