Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger Update – All The News

Mystic Messengers Update - All The News

We bring you all the information about the latest Mystic Messenger update

The update of Mystic Messenger has us all completely in love.

And is that the latest update promises to bring a lot of very interesting things for all those who have fallen in love with this Korean video game in which we will find the prince of our dreams.

For all those who do not know, mystic Messenger Samsung video game in which we put on. weak a girl who ends up entering a chat room completely dominated by the most beautiful charming guys in the world. However, these guys can have their own dangers and we will soon realize that. So, we will have to talk to them, and chat with those we like the most until we discover the secret behind 707.

Mystic Messenger update – patch 1.13.0

Patch 1.13.0 brings many new features that we will undoubtedly love. First of all you have to remember that you have to update the application if you want to be able to enjoy these news. For this we strongly recommend that you enter the App Store and update the game. You can go directly to the list of games or applications that you have downloaded to update it or simply search Mystic Messenger in the list of installed games and click on the big update button. This works exactly the same on Android as on iPhone.

The update is necessary if you want to see the special ending of the character V. In addition, it also brings us the story of Rica’s past. All those that you liked very much any of these two characters are lucky because the update greatly extends to what we knew about them.

Mystic Messenger update – new things that the application includes

Directly from the official post of Cheritz, the developers of the game, we can bring you a list of things that are added and that are simply great as for example the end of the character v, the new DLC added with the history of Rika’s past and some improvements related to bugs and errors that were on the screens of the iPhone 10 or in the illustrations of some characters.

If you are getting some problems to have the illustrations improved then all you have to do is go to the settings section, applications, mystic Messenger and click on cache, delete. These steps only work on mobile devices like Android but not on iPhone in which you will have to turn off and on again the phone so that the illustrations are completely improved.

We hope that this post has opened your appetite just like us.

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