Search engine optimization tips for small businesses

Small businesses need to use search engine optimization techniques. Many of them are free and easy to implement.

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is extremely important for every type of business that uses the internet as a tool.

The small ones, inclusively, also can avail of the technique.

In fact, they do.

While large businesses have good media budgets, using SEO as strategy is a matter of survival for the little ones.

There are features that easily apply to “point” counting and make you rank better on Google.

The pillars of search engine optimization strategy

search engine optimization strategy


The Search Engine Optimization strategy is based on three pillars:

  1. Technology;
  2. Content and
  3. Authority.

Technology, or on-page analysis is the starting point for optimizing a website.

Content is the second stage of the process. It should be planned and drafted according to your business model.

The third pillar is the authoritative work of the site and the internal pages.

Large companies are advancing with these three pillars simultaneously.

Small businesses do not have the money and / or time for this type of execution.

Therefore, they should consider technology, content and authority, respectively.

How Technology Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Google’s search results lists web pages, which can be from your company’s website.

For them to be well ranked, some technological resources favor indexing.

It is even possible, with little investment, to guarantee various technological resources to help you optimize your pages.

Techniques you should apply immediately

Before thinking of any technique, the most common SEO mistakes should be avoided to ensure greater and better traffic to your digital project.

Although websites developed in WordPress are highly indexable, it is necessary to eliminate indexing impediments to increase relevance.

Google, in some cases, represents up to 90% of hits.

Avoiding SEO errors in WordPress , even if simple, is a guarantee of continuous and organic growth.

But, let’s go to the technological techniques that you should apply immediately to better index your pages.

SSL Certificates

Every type of site needs to adopt SSL. It’s the rule.

  • Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL Digital Certificate

HTTP / 2

The HTTP / 2 protocol will power your website incredibly and you should embrace it as soon as possible.

The second version of the HTTP protocol is already a reality and its advantages are incredible with the benefits it adds when implemented.


Adoption to IPv6 will be further accelerated with the exhaustion of current IP addresses.


Adopt the NGINX web server unlike Apache .

New digital designs are being developed with more modern architectures and innovative concepts.

In this regard, the use of NGINX has been the option of most marketing teams.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The  AMP  (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the technology that allows your pages with extremely fast charging in mobile.

Learn about two ways to deploy Accelerated Mobile Pages in WordPress.

FBIA (Facebook Instant Article)

With Facebook Instant Article (FBIA) you will have greater engagement and audience, with posts opening extremely fast on the mobile.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Progressive Web Apps is intimately tied to the user experience for greater reach of web possibilities.

Mobile First

Mobile First is a concept applied in web projects where the initial focus of architecture and development is directed to mobile devices.

The  mobile growth in India is an incredible reality and in general sites need to apply this concept.

Mobile website

There are three types of website for mobile devices : responsive design, dynamic display, and separate URLs. What is Google’s preference?


Many of the technology resources that help index your pages on Google, must rely on the partnership of two agents: the development team and hosting solution for WordPress.

How the site is developed will facilitate, or not, indexing by search engines.

Some infrastructure issues apply to web servers such as NGINX, HTTPS, IPv6, HTTP / 2, and SSL.

By making good choices for these two types of partners, you will take a good step in the search engine optimization of your digital project.

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