SEO For eCommerce! Positioning Your Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is one of the most widespread ecommerce models, which is why it is consolidating as a business channel that generates great interest.

But the really important thing is to get traffic to your dropshipping store and here we have one of the main strategies to consider even before opening your dropshipping business : work both content and technical SEO to get a good positioning of an ecommerce in Google .

Why is SEO important for my dropshipping store?

A dropshipping business carries a low investment risk, but also the benefits are small. For this reason, it is very important to meet a series of requirements to set up a dropshipping store and one of the main ones is to work perfectly with the SEO optimization strategy of your ecommerce . The main reason is that in this way you will get rid of your competitors and that your business has a greater volume of traffic, which translates into achieving the highest profitability for your business.

What do I have to take into account for the SEO strategy of my dropshipping store?

A dropshipping business implies necessary work time, therefore, when working in SEO optimization a series of parameters must be taken into account. In this way, these hours will be productive and will bring many advantages to your ecommerce.

No to duplicate content

When importing the catalog file from your supplier, it includes descriptions, product names, title, metatitle, etc. All dropshipping wholesale customers llo share, unless the product is changed by product. What is the problem with the SEO positioning of my dropshipping store?

The duplicate content is highly penalized in Google and, therefore, its direct consequence is that this will not allow your business to have an optimal positioning. Therefore, it is key and very important to create my own content so that my ecommerce has a good positioning. And, what should I rely on to create this content?

Conduct an SEO study and put it into practice in the content

You have to do an SEO study to find what are the keywords related to my business should I include in each description of the items in the store. Keep in mind that you should select those words that have more searches.

Also, this study of keywords should be implemented in the categories of my ecommerce. How do I do it? The keywords must be entered in the visible content of this page and in the Title and Meta description.

Visible content in SEO:

It is highly recommended that there be a descriptive text on the pages of the categories and should be between 400 and 800 words. And, of course, in this text you must include the keyword to work to position each category.

Title in SEO:

It is one of the most important HTML tags since it indicates the title of the url and is one of the main parameters that Google takes into account to determine the positioning. Therefore, it is essential to include the selected keyword to position the page. That is, if for example the category I am working with is cosmetic products and the SEO study tells me that “buying cosmetic products” is a word with many searches, it is important to include this term since it fits perfectly to articles that are in this category. The reason is that it will position the page and, to make matters worse, the traffic it attracts perfectly matches what is offered. So the possibilities of converting and achieving benefits are very high.

It is recommended that you have a maximum length of 70 characters and a minimum of 60.

Meta description in SEO:

It is a short text that Google and the other search engines use to describe the page in search results. It is important that this includes the keyword that will position that page. Likewise, it is advisable to include a “call to action” to attract the attention of potential clients. In this way, attention is captured and a greater amount of quality traffic is attracted, with a high probability that they will buy in my dropshipping store. As for the extension, the text must be a maximum of 160 characters and a minimum of 150.

Keep in mind that most searches are usually done on categories such as furniture, perfumery, kitchenware, etc. This type of searches are those that usually bring traffic to ecommerces.

Do not leave aside the urls

  • Supervise all the urls so that there are not two different ones that lead to the same product. This can happen when the same items are included in different categories.
  • Review so there are no urls generated on pages of different categories with the same products. The reason is that the Google search engine may have problems when choosing which is the best page to position.

When will the SEO optimization of my dropshipping business give me results?

SEO optimization of any website is a background work. You have to have patience since the results of a good positioning are gradual. So do not despair, if the job is well done sales will come.

Other part of the equation

Apart from dropshipping, you also need a thriving online presence in order to make it in e-commerce. Nestify specializes in fully managed WooCommerce hosting, so you can focus on growing the business without worrying about your store.

Their team is expert in WooCommerce performance optimization and can reduce up to 10 seconds of loading time from WooCommerce stores, giving you competitive advantage.

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