Shakes and Fidget Tricks – Guide and Tips for the Noob

Shakes & Fidget tricks - Guide and Tips for the Noob

We bring you an amazing Shakes & Fidget cheat guide with tips to get the most out of the game!

This game is not easy. That’s why you can use our Shakes & Fidget tricks. We have divided it into a series of small tips that will surely help you, whether you are a beginner in the subject or a real advanced prodigy. Are you ready? Well, let’s go there.

Shakes & Fidget tricks – get level up at any cost

Always choose missions that provide maximum experience points. Do not worry about gold!
1. When you have a higher level you earn more gold from the city guard, which completely compensates for the few gold coins lost from the missions.
2. Two main attributes of the hero depend largely on the level – Points of Impact and Critical Impact. On the hit points there is the following formula: Constitution * 4 * (Level + 1). This means that with each level you earn more and more hit points (much more than the purchase of constitution points could earn). As for luck, the formula is Luck * 5 / (Enemy Level * 2). This means that with each level the probability of receiving a critical hit decreases. And in most fights, critical hits can solve everything.
3. With each higher level stores will offer increasingly better weapons and equipment, improving your statistics faster than you could achieve by buying points.
4. When you reach a higher level, the rewards of the mission also become higher.

Shakes & Fidget tricks – Fill your scrapbook as quickly as possible.

Scrapbook adds bonus to the guild missions and battles experience. This experience bonus is added to the guild bonus, so it is usually not a problem when you are in a good guild to reach around 130% experience bonus around level 30 or so. Filling the scrapbook unfortunately is a time-consuming process.

The best way to do this is to make screenshots, for example, of weapons of a certain class, then navigate the Hall of Fame from your position and get off, write down each player who has a piece of equipment that you need and underline in the screenshot. In this way, for approximately 1.2 hours you will have enough targets to attack for a whole day. Better start with the warriors, because they have the most weapons of all classes and will bring you lots of points, then scouts and wizards.

Shakes & Fidget tricks – Use your mushrooms wisely!

The best device for your mushrooms is to buy a good mount. A mount that costs only one mushroom can reduce the search time by 30%. Since with a mushroom you will have a mount for two weeks it is quite certain that at some point you will collect more than 25 mushrooms. Then it is a good idea to buy a Griffin.

Buy it only if you are going to be active every day of the two-week flow, to be sure that you will not waste its valuable effect. Of course, if you can afford to buy mushrooms, you’ll want to have the tap dragon all the time. It makes no sense to buy equipment in the store that costs mushrooms. Anyway in a few days when you gain level, better teams will appear. If you can afford it, use 10 mushrooms every day in the tavern. Nor is it a bad idea to donate to your guild, so bonuses can also be increased.

Shakes & Fidget tricks – Develop your attributes according to your class!

We will divide the attributes into two groups:

Damage tributes – Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence – because depending on your class your attack damage depends on them, and personal attributes – Constitution and Luck. For warriors the main attribute of Damage is Strength, Explorers – Dexterity, Sorcerers – Intelligence. There is almost no need to develop another attribute than the main one for the class. It is a good idea to maintain a 5: 1 price ratio. For example, for an explorer, if a skill point costs 500 gold, you can afford to increase strength and dexterity to 100 gold each.

As for personal attributes – I recommend using a ratio of 5: 3 to the main damage attribute, that is, if a skill point costs 500 Gold Luck and the constitution should cost 300.

Shakes & Fidget tricks – support your kingdom

It is important to participate in all guild battles. If you are in a good guild you will start attacking a weaker guild every day, so all members will be able to gain a little more experience. Donate gold in your guild about 3-5 hours of payment from the city guard. Don’t forget that being part of the guild gives you at least a 50% gold bonus and experience, even if the guild has no mushrooms.

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