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Subway Surfers Hack and Cheats 2021 – Secrets Guide to Be the Best

Subway Surfers Hacks and Cheats - Secrets Guide to Be the Best

With our Subway Surfers tricks there will be no mission or race that can resist you

We present you a guide with the best Subway Surfers tricks. With our tips and secrets there will be no race that can resist you. We give you a list of missions and rewards, tricks to get coins without using hack or root and other general tips that will be very useful.

Subway Surfers is a free game that you can download right now on your Android mobile or iPhone. It is an addictive infinite racing game in which you control a character along a stage, running or skating forward. In front of you will come a large number of obstacles that you will have to dodge using a strategy or your skill.

We bring you the best Subway Surfers hacks and tricks to make you the best skater

The premise is that you have to collect as many coins or objects as possible, since these will be of great use to you. Subway Surfers does not limit the amount of time you can play so you can play non-stop games for hours without being penalized in any way.

However, sometimes it takes a little push to master the game as quickly as possible. And we, specialized in mobile game guides like we did for City of Love or Monster Legends , bring you the best Subway Surfers tricks: from how to get free coins to a list of missions. Are you ready to skate? Well, go to the next page!

Subway Surfers Hacks and Cheats – Secrets and General Tips.

It is clear that what you want is to obtain the maximum score to beat your friends and enter the world rankings, but you must also make sure that you collect all the possible coins. Do not use the easiest and most obvious way but always the one that can bring you the most benefits. A good trick is to stay in the middle lane and move to the sides as you see that you have the coins in front of you.

Never forget about the powerups. Powerups are shaped like stars and are really fundamental, as they give you advantages such as running faster or jumping much higher. In fact, if you have to sacrifice a couple of coins for the powerup do not think about it because it will be completely worth it when you activate it.

Among the Subway Surfers hacks that we propose is the importance of powerups

Another of the best Subway Surfers tricks, although it sounds obvious, is that we have to save all the money we get. It is essential if we want to be able to go ahead and buy the best boards. As in all free mobile games, Subway Surfers allow you to buy skateboards in exchange for real money, but you can also save with the gold of the game so you don’t spend a single euro.

Hoverboard skateboards have a wonderful property and that is that they give you 30 seconds immunity if you hit an obstacle. They are especially useful to avoid dying, and will also save you from more than one predicament. Always have a table in your inventory and activate it when you see that things are going to get complicated.

Subway Surfers hacks and cheats – general tips

With your saved coins you can buy upgrades that will make the powerups you collect along the way. Although the coins are valuable and it seems that upgrades are very expensive, we recommend that you invest in them as they will pay you back in the future. Later, when you use the powerups they will bring you greater benefits. A bargain!

Likewise, we recommend that you do not spend money or gold on single-use objects. Not only are they very expensive but you will only be allowed to use them once and they will not bring you as much benefit. If you are looking for a help for the crucial moments, it is better that you invest in tables or upgrades for the powerups that you will collect for free throughout the game.

Subway Surfers cheats – watch out for keys

Keys are extremely useful items throughout Subway Surfers. They are not easily available for free and are really difficult to find if you are not paying with real money, so do not spend them the first time you change.

Keys allow you to save yourself when you have hit an obstacle in a race. Do not use them unless it is strictly necessary, for example when you are going to exceed the maximum score on your friends list or if you see that you have a powerup two fingers in front. If not, it’s best to save them for when they’re really worth it.

Subway Surfers cheats – daily missions and challenges

Every day Subway Surfers will propose you a mission or a challenge that will earn you money, gold or objects and that will appear on the main screen. The missions are actually “get” X “number of coins” style tests and so on. and they have no expiration date. You can play and beat them automatically and go later to collect the prizes.

However, daily challenges do have an uptime. They are easier to overcome than missions, but you have to do them every day if you want to get the reward in the end. We recommend that you play the daily missions for five days in a row because then they will give you a Super Misterey Box full of the juiciest prizes.

Subway Surfers cheats – mission list

Subway Surfers missions will allow you to fill the multiplier and get the Super Mystery Box. The prizes that include the super mystery box can be classified in order of frequency of appearance in common, special, time and jackpot.

  • Common items: 3 Tricky caps, 3 Fresh radios, 3 Spike guitars, or 3 Yutani UFOs.
  • Special items: Various Headstarts, up to 20 hoverboards or up to 8000 coins.
  • Rare items: Keys, Score Boosters, 1 random trophy or up to 50,000 coins
  • Jackpot Items: 300,000 coins

Subway Surfers hacks and cheats – mission list

The missions are classified into different sets. Set 1 has a multiplier x2 as a reward. To achieve this you have to collect 500 coins, obtain a score of 1000 points in a single race and have managed to collect 2 power-ups.

Mission set 2 is rewarded with a x3 multiplier. To achieve this you have to have collected 200 coins in a single race, have jumped 20 times and have taken at least 2 super sneakers. Set 3 features a reward of a x4 multiplier. To obtain it you have to get 2 character objects in mystery boxes, slide down 3000 times and win 2000 coins.

Missions are good ways to get multipliers

Set number 4 is rewarded with a x5 multiplier. To achieve this you need to complete a daily challenge, dodge 20 barriers and obtain a score of more than 6000 coins in a single race. And finally, set 5 will give you a x6 multiplier if you manage to collect 2500 coins, jump 30 times in a race and buy a mystery box.

On the next Subway Surfers cheat page we show you how to get coins quickly and for free without using hacks, roots or installing any extra application on your phone.

Subway Surfers cheats – how to get coins

There are multiple applications on the Internet that allow you to get infinite coins and keys, but this is actually an APK that can download malware to your mobile and become a real danger for your phone. Instead of playing it that way, we recommend that you never download files from unknown websites and that you follow, instead of these dangerous practices, the following tricks.

To get coins, items and other rewards, a good way is to use social networks. If you send invitations to your Facebook contacts and they accept, you can win incredible prizes. You’re probably thinking that a lot of your friends wouldn’t be interested in this and that they probably turned off game notifications. In that case we have a solution.

Get free coins for Subway Surfers without disturbing your friends.

For this, there are groups and player pages on Facebook where you can send invitations to get lives, gold and keys to this game. There are many, you just have to do a search on Facebook and many of them will appear.

This is where our Subway Surfers cheat guide has come. hope you liked it. Feel free to comment if you know any more tricks that we can add and remember that the basis of this game is to get gold, buy the best boards and not skip any power-up because … they are the cane!

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