Survey of IT-focused training needs

The main driving force of the companies are the employees . It is through them that it becomes possible to achieve the goals set for the business , such as conquering new markets, increasing sales and attracting more customers. Survey of training need can improve employee outcomes.

In this post, we’ll show you the importance of LNT in supporting an organization’s growth and how you can deploy a training policy and assess their needs. Continue with us and check it out!

Survey of training needs

Keeping your skilled employees is crucial to the success and growth of a company . Technology evolves every day and new systems and approaches come up  all the time .

LNT is a process composed of a set of techniques and analysis tools that, when applied, can give a feedback about the knowledge, skills and abilities of the team .

In this way, you, as a manager , can visualize the individual gaps as well as the needs as a team, facilitating the implementation of short-, medium- and long-term attitudes to empower employees .

Its main objective is to improve the functional structure of the company, increasing the skills and knowledge of staff , as well as their productivity and efficiency. When we talk about IT , the need to maintain the best possible staff increases with the rapid updating of technology.

Application of training needs survey

To carry out the survey of the need for training it is possible to make use of some simple analysis tools . Let’s briefly list the main ones.

1. Performance evaluation

It can show how the employee uses IT services if they can accomplish their tasks by getting the maximum  performance that the company’s software and hardware offer them.

2. Interviews with supervisors

Managers in each of the company’s departments have a rough view of the people who work with it, so it’s important to hear about the team’s difficulties in relation to IT .

3. Questionnaires

Applying a series of questionnaires to employees will make it easier for them to understand their opinion about the difficulties about technology in the company and which points need to be trained.

4. Note

The manager can perform a survey based on observations, by means of report and on-site verification in the company environment , searching for ineffective processes due to the lack of knowledge or training.

Learning Curve and Survey of Training Needs

By  hiring  a new employee, everyone already expects that they will not have the same productivity of employees with a longer time at home, this is due to the learning curve of the processes and technologies used in the company.

In a similar situation, when implementing new processes or software in the company , there is an adaptation time, until all employees can get the maximum that process or software provides.

LNT can be applied to decrease the learning curve of the employees in relation to the IT processes and new software implemented. With this, the company can expect better results in a shorter time, achieving the expected productivity with the deployment faster.

The training needs survey is a powerful weapon to maintain the efficiency of a team and to create the best possible staff for the company .

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