Best Free Soccer and Football Games for Android – January 2021

Best Football Games for Android - Last Updated September 1, 2020

With the major leagues and competitions in the world already started, a good way to enjoy the game without a match is through some of the best football games for Android . In the same way as the rest of the titles that flood Google Play, the soccer ones have evolved notably in recent years at the graphic and playability level , and today they are more even than ever to their alternatives on desktop platforms and consoles .

If you like king sport and you are passionate about video games, do not go, read on, because here is our selection of soccer games for mobile of the 2019 season.

FIFA Soccer

For many, the EA Sports title is the best Android football game , and therefore, FIFA Fútbol is always one of the most anticipated games of each season start. With an annual renewal, Electronic Arts found a couple of years ago the perfect recipe to hook thousands of players across the globe, which is none other than mixing the cards and football games in a way they have called Ultimate Team , and that centers the experience of the mobile version.

At the time, FIFA Soccer completely renewed its experience moving away from the classic gameplay of a soccer game and getting closer to the arcade , delving into the Ultimate Team mode with more improvements and more collectibles, but forgetting the possibility of playing championships Officials either locally or online even having all the necessary licenses.

FIFA Soccer, already in its third year brings us all the news of the last season. Even so, the experience focuses on mini-games and player envelopes, improvements and elements to complete a personalized team. All this seasoned by integrated purchases that will help us get our favorite players before, although obviously, it is a football game to download for free with the typical energy bar that limits the ‘free-to-play’ .

It is not the FIFA we all know, but it is not a bad game . In fact, it has millions of users worldwide and has something good, that the content is downloaded as we need it leaving the weight of the game in just over 100 MB. Resources are everything on a mobile platform!

eFootball PES 2020

Konami is the eternal aspirant in this to turn his Pro Evolution Soccer into the most played soccer game in the world, although the truth is that eFootball PES 2020 is probably on mobile platforms the most faithful title to the gameplay that we all expect in a game of this category

PES 2020 comes as an update of the title of the last generation, which maintains the improved graphics engine and improved gameplay , while adding a more complete multiplayer mode than ever , a greater number of licensed clubs, such as Manchester United, Juventus or FC Bayern München. The number of official leagues available is also expanded .

Of course, the gameplay and the graphic section are the features in which we expect a title of this series to stand out, and as it is a multiplayer football game, we can play tournaments and online matches – better by Wifi – against other players from all over the world. world, as well as create local leagues via Bluetooth with our friends very easily. Of course, we can also play alone, as it is a soccer game that can be played without the Internet . It is free to download, with integrated purchases.

Football Manager Mobile 2019

On Android it is also possible to play the classic football manager games for free , where we can become presidents, sports directors and coaches, all at once, to bring our favorite team to glory. A different way to enjoy Android football games.

The SEGA title is expensive, costs 9.99 euros, but its experience is worth it . It allows us to make a complete career as a team manager and with all the possibilities we expect from a game of this type. In addition, it has the licenses of the big leagues with their clubs and their championships , so we will enjoy the official competitions and the possibility of signing and training our favorite players.

17 countries no less and a database with almost 22,000 players, from which to choose a team and plan finances, transfers and tactics to become a champion , striving to keep players and fans happy while the club grows every season.

Undoubtedly an essential for fans of managerial football games, which brings to our Android phone the experience of classic titles to allow us to play anywhere … although obviously that has a price. At least it has something good, because there is neither advertising nor integrated purchases that frustrate the gameplay.

Score! Hero

A football game that can be played with the mobile in vertical? Score! Hero offers us a somewhat different format than what we are used to, and that has led him to sneak into the most downloaded sports games on Google Play with more than 100 million installations .

In this game, the idea is to score a goal making moves that we guide through gestures with your finger on the screen, trying to aim as accurately as possible, either to make a shot on goal, or to carry out the pass final .

Score! Hero offers us more than 600 different levels, and is updated frequently to introduce even more. From time to time, in addition, it will be possible to participate in events and challenges , in which to win even more prizes and trophies.

It is easy to play and the controls are not too complex, the game has well-developed three-dimensional graphics, and game-worthy kinematics from the leading developer companies. It is possible, of course, that after several levels the mechanics become somewhat repetitive.

Dream League Soccer

Marked with the “Selection of the editors” badge of Google Play, Dream League Soccer remains one more year at the top of football games for Android , combining good playability with well-worked three-dimensional graphics, and licenses for good number of leagues, teams and players.

In the same way as in FIFA and PES, Dream League Soccer encourages us to create our team and achieve success by signing the best stars and winning all the matches . It will even be possible to create a stadium of its own in which to delight the public with the game of the galactic that make up our team, all of them with official FIFPro licenses.

Although you can download the game for free, Dream League Soccer has internal paid content, which you need to unlock to obtain some advantages and extras that otherwise will not be accessible.

Real football

The famous developer Gameloft could not stay out of the fashion of football games for Android , and the truth is that it has one of the best we can find. Real Football is a free simulator in which, again, we will create our own team by signing star players and improving their skills to achieve success.

In this new generation of the game, Gameloft has focused on improving the graphic section, as well as the gameplay of this football game for Android . Thanks to the improvements, today Real Football rubs shoulders with the best Android games in its category.

The download of Real Football is completely free , although again there will be in-app purchases that, fortunately, are not entirely mandatory to move forward.

Football Strike

Football games can also be casual, and Football Strike is the best example . With its more than 50 million installations on Google Play, this title is one of the most popular in its category, despite not looking too much like FIFA, PES, Real Football and other popular titles.

Unlike other titles, our mission in this game will be to face our friends or players from all over the world in free throw games , trying to score as many goals as possible. There is also a Professional Career mode , in which you will have to advance and level up by marking Free Shots. The difficulty, of course, will increase as we progress in the game.

But not everything comes down to scoring goal: you will also have to try to stop the free throws of the opponents, and for this you will have to control the movements of the goalkeeper . According to the creators of the game, one of the virtues of Football Strike is that it is possible to play with one hand .

Extreme Football

Another that can not be missing in our selection of best football titles for Android is Extreme Football . The football game developed by 9M Interactive offers us a unique street football experience in the purest style of the classic FIFA Street , with matches of 1 against 1, 2 against 2 or 3 against 3, whether with friends or with other players around the world.

As in other titles in its category, Extreme Football offers us the possibility of unlocking players , each of them with their own techniques and skills.

Again, we talk about a free game , but it contains ads and in-app payments with which to access exclusive content.

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