The best tools for performance analysis of WordPress

Tools to analyze the performance of WordPress show in a few seconds the main bottlenecks that can cause slowness in your website or blog.

There are several ways to analyze the performance of WordPress , be it blog or website. Plugins, software, websites and other mechanisms show in detail in seconds the main bottlenecks that can cause slowness in your platform.

How do they analyze the performance of WordPress

Usually these tools metric the income generating a score and showing in a well didactic way (like a speedometer same) what are the possible problems of your site or blog WP.

The tools and what they do

It is important to remember that these tools analyze the page corresponding to the URL that the user declares, even if several elements present in the home , if they are present in other pages like panel, menu, contacts or other information, the tools make the analysis only of that page. This is a detail just to remember, usually the pages reflect the same problems of each other, that is why the tools do not care so much about doing the general analysis of the site and the page of interest of the manager.

Among several tools that analyze the performance of WordPress, we consider the three most used and their different performances.


As all good software paid to GTmetrix is yet another analysis tool that, in addition to showing the user what the problems are, also offers practical recommendations to optimize performance. The availability of features such as: scheduled page monitoring, monitored alerts with email notification, video capturing performance bottlenecks and analysis on mobile devices to tell you how your smartphone website performs. Another interesting point of this tool is the possibility of being tested by multiple regions , you can see how the site behaves if it is accessed from India, China, Acre or São José do Mato Dentro.

Google Page Speed ​​Insights

This is certainly the tool to analyze the performance in WordPress better known and used around the world. By being free and having elements that provide a complete report to the userPageSpeed’s popularity has become virtually unbeatable. The tool is intuitive and goes straight to the point, doing analysis of websites and blogs, focusing on the behavior of the same on desktops and mobiles. Google has created a PageSpeed ​​”cousin”, focused more on the layman on programming issues, its name is Test My Site, from the Think With Google initiative , but it does not seem to have come out.

WebPage Analyzer

This tool tests the speed of your site , calculates each element individually, and suggests how to improve page load time based on best practices and techniques for performance optimization. Yes, it does the same thing as everyone else, the difference is that many performance experts like this tool because it delivers the report in a more technical and advanced language , facilitating the life of those who support and / or have more knowledge advanced in programming for websites.


Analyzing the performance of WordPress , website or blog, is the first step to solve many of the problems. The reports generated by these types of tools give the north the necessary support and maintenance for the due improvements that your platform deserves.

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