The USB Type-C cables that you can use on your smartphone or tablet

To this day, an immense number of devices have already adopted the USB Type-C port. Whether they are laptops, tablets or smartphones , this type of input is becoming an extremely popular feature, and it is not for less . The USB Type C has a large number of advantages over the traditional microUSB . Among these advantages, there is the reversibility of the connector and the higher speed of data transmission and device loading.

However, like all technology that is at an early stage in terms of adoption, there are certain dangers. However, these risks are due more to ignorance, both from manufacturers and users . As a more recent test, a few days ago we saw how Amazon took seriously the task of screening which USB Type-C cables are safe for your smartphone , and discard those that do not meet the requirements.

The danger of USB Type-C cables

The vast majority of manufacturers that include a charging cable next to the terminal they sell, usually know the requirements that USB Type C must meet. The biggest danger comes when we buy a USB Type-C cable from third parties . And, to ensure proper discharge of current, all USB Type-C cables should have a 56k ohm resistor.

Essentially, this resistor ensures that smaller devices do not extract more energy than their circuits are capable of supporting , thus protecting them from being fried . Unfortunately, most of the cheapest cables you can find on sites like Amazon have a 10k ohm resistor, which cannot regulate the current for smaller devices.

But then, which cables are safe?

In order to help you find accessories for your device that do not pose a danger to it, we have developed a list of USB type cables that can be used without any problem on any device . Some boast useful features that others do not enjoy, such as Quick Charge. That is why it is worth deciding which one suits you best. There they go:

Suaoki – 1m USB Type C Data Cable

This cable is one of the best in value for money. In addition to being perfectly safe for devices such as the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Chromebook Pixel C, it is the cheapest we can find on Amazon . It is capable of fast charging, since it has a charging current of 2.4A. However, it is not a USB 3.1 cable, so the data transmission speed will remain at a respectable 480 Mbps.

AUKEY Cable USB C USB 3.0 Nylon 1M

In my opinion, this is one of the best cables that can be purchased at Amazon. It combines an incredible price with even more incredible features. Made in nylon, it has a length of 1 meter. Also, the USB 3.0 on the cable allows data transmissions of up to 5 Gbps , in addition to being backward compatible. In addition, little AUKEY offers a guarantee of up to 24 months. USB2AC1M – 1 meter USB Type-C cable

It is one of the most reliable and durable USB-C cables that we can find on Amazon. Although somewhat more expensive than the previous cable, it has a mylar aluminum foil cable shield, which ensures its resistance over the years . The connector is nickel plated, and the cable length is 1 meter. Like the previous one, it does not have USB 3.1, but USB 2.0.

PECHAM N32 USB Type C Cable

This cable is something special, since it meets the necessary requirements to not fry your device, and also allows charging from a good distance. And is that this USB type C is the longest in Amazon, with a length of 2 meters . It supports maximum fast charging of 2.4A Also, according to the manufacturer, you will not have trouble with this cable since it has a special braided nylon.

Each cable has something special that makes it perfect for people with different needs . I hope this little list of USB Type C helps you when choosing a secure cable to charge your device.

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