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Open Chat Timings in Mystic Messenger – What Time To Start, Alarms and Routines

Open Chat Timings in Mystic Messenger

We bring you a guide for beginners with the timings in Mystic Messenger Chat

Do you want to know everything about alarms, routines and hours in Mystic Messenger? We bring you a comfortable guide to help you through the process of connecting to the mobile phone at the right time, setting the alarms and forming the necessary routines in this amazing game that has hooked everyone.

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Open Chat Timings in Mystic Messenger – Which mode to select?

There are three modes in the original story:

– Casual history. Mode in which you can only get routes from Yoosung, Zen and Jaehee. You can play it as soon as the game starts.

– Deep Story. Mode in which only Jumin and 707 routes can be obtained. You need to use 80 HG to unlock it permanently and play.

– Another Story. Mode in which only V and Ray routes can be obtained. You need to use 550 HG (300 for V and 250 for Ray) to unlock it permanently and play.

Open Chat Timings in Mystic Messenger – Messages

This is where the secret conversation occurs.

– Every day more than 10 chat rooms open. New chat rooms usually open after 1-2 hours.

– If you miss a chat session, the conversation continues without you. After that, you can read the conversation but you won’t be able to interact with the characters during that time.

– If you want to participate in a lost chat session, you have to press the button next to the button in the chat room and use five hourglasses, fifteen in Another Story.

– You can choose to buy the conversations the next day in different amounts of hourglass.

Open Chat Timing in Mystic Messenger – Phone calls

Your application has all the phone numbers of the other member stored by default.

– You can call other members of the RFA, although they only take it at a certain time and they will subtract five hourglasses, ten hourglasses in Another Story.

– If you have missed calls, you can call them back. But in doing so, five hourglasses will be spent; Ten hourglasses in Another Story.

– Colored arrows:

  • The green arrow pointing down to the left is an incoming call. It’s a call you can receive when they call you at that time.
  • The green arrow pointing up to the right is an outgoing call. It’s a call you made to a character.
  • Red Arrow is a missed call.

– You can repeat the call if you want. This will not consume more hourglasses.

– Calling cards are also available but purchased with real currency.

– Telephone calls will not greatly affect your progress or completion. They are just extras.

Chat Timings in Mystic Messenger – Messages and albums

You can send or receive text messages.

– The content changes depending on the conversation with the messenger.

– Depending on the available answers, you can win hearts, broken hearts, hourglasses or nothing.

– You can only reply to the message during the period of time it is received. If you do not respond before receiving a new message, you will not be able to reply to the message.

– The messages will not greatly affect your progress or completion. They are just extras to win some hearts.

As for the album, it is a collection of the images that you have seen during the chat rooms. The images can be enlarged.

Chat Timings in Mystic Messenger – Email

You can send or receive an email to plan the party.

– Keep good relations with the guests of the party!

– The envelope icon with the green arrow means that you answered correctly, while the icon with the orange arrow means that you answered incorrectly.

– Some guests take days to respond, so be patient.

– If you send emails too late, you will not be able to get an answer, and the guests will be labeled with ‘Dead time’. So hurry up!

– The final you will get on the 11th is based on the number of guests that will attend. In Casual and Deep Story, if 10 or more guests appear you will get the good ending, while 9 or less will give you a normal ending. In Another Story, if 17 or more guests are presented, you will get the good ending, while 16 or less will result in the normal ending.

Chat Timings in Mystic Messenger – Hearts

Each option gives you 1 or 2 hearts, a broken heart or nothing. There are 8 hearts with different colors and they represent each of the following:

  • Jumín = Lavender Hearts
  • Zen = Gray Hearts
  • 707 = Red Hearts
  • Yoosung = Green Hearts
  • Jaehee = Yellow Hearts
  • V = Blue Hearts Cerulean
  • Unknown / Ray = Magenta Hearts

Cheritz has confirmed that any white heart is a problem.

– After pressing caution on the fourth day, the highest number of hearts will be your route from day 5. Take note of the mode you have selected. You will end up having a bad ending on day 5 if the character with more hearts is in the wrong mode.

– Starting from day 5, getting hearts does not mean you will have a good ending. Some options give hearts but they lead to a bad ending.

– You can turn 100 hearts into an hourglass. The hourglass is the currency of the game. It is used to unlock stories and modes, call back a missed call, participate in a missed chat room, etc.

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